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  1. "Call them an asshole back instead, that might actually create some role play."   If it were only that easy. Most "insults" I see thrown around - no matter the group - ends with an initiation.

  2. This family has its ups and downs, but we all still get on to do the one thing we can all agree on.

  3. This month is going by so fucking slow.


  4. Can someone turn this into a hotlink for profile music? Kiwi6 aint working with me.

  5. Starting to get back into the game, just bored not hanging around with anyone in game.

  6. Bad info gets you killed...


    1. FalkRP



    2. Kricket


      I wasn't the one to die.


    3. Masonn


      *Saves Anarchist from certain death and trys to give him a gun and plate carrier to fight back with*


      The Anarchist when the dude asks for his stuff back: "Oh yeah sure man here you go"


      *Noah Expecting the anarchist to fight back but sees he gives the stuff back then runs off*


      10/10 would ruins noahs relations with KOG again 

    4. FalkRP


      nice diary 

    5. LumenRP



  7. Finally got my hands on Escape From Tarkov


  8. Been playing a lot of The Outer Worlds. Really addictive if you were a fan of Fallout: New Vegas


  9. 1D8A3E9F93F0A5DAF69A99FAA97AF88939546A79

    So about S2...


    1. Elmo


      THE FUCK

    2. Ducky


      I was in position 50 upon connecting

      good memes

    3. Kricket


      Its been like this all week


    4. FalkRP


      get diamond

    5. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Or MVP, amiright @FalkRP😁

  10. Got fucking MEPS tomorrow...


    1. Jack Will

      Jack Will

      My brother is going to MEPS in a week

  11. Passed out on my pc earlier today. Slumped my head against my keyboard and mouse and nearly shot someone. Better now. I think I was really dehydrated.

    1. Major


      That's sad.

      Take care of yourself man. Get dat agua. RP isn't worth that.

  12. Seeing that Anarchy is back, might as well takes a break from Borderlands 3.

  13. Borderland 3 Campaign is long as shit. Fun as Hell though. Still going through the campaign.

  14. Back on the lonely road again...

    Wondering who I'll run into this time.

    Despite what has happened, it was a great time with you RPBois.

  15. Don't judge the man on what they've done, judge on what they are doing.

  16. You know what's weird about "not having a choice"? You are making choices right now.

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      GIF by The Paley Center for Media

  17. Made the swim to the Prison Island next to Skalisty Island. No loot. Now wondering if I should shoot myself rather than make that fucking swim back.

  18. It's fun being the jackass in game.

    1. Kordruga


      I approve of your jackassery 

  19. Gonna start playing again soon, sorry for disappearing boys.

    1. FalkRP


      Hope to see you soon

  20. I like listening to my profile music. And showing up on that game "catching someone viewing their own profile"


    1. Eagle



  21. Why does there have to be bad blood? Can't we just play the game and have fun?

    1. Banshee


      People will always be people, can't change it.

  22. That was a very productive and unproductive day. Lasted longer than any of us would have guessed. 

  23. I really wish Signatures were back...

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