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  1. Kricket

    DayZRP Best of 2018

    I'm thankful for @JimRP and the Anarchy Boy's for introducing me into hostile RP. Ya'll had me get a better understanding with it. Been a lot of good memories since the Lopatino to Novy days. Lot of great RP and PvP. I learned a lot from ya'll and made good friends with the lot of you.
  2. Just been really bored lately. Cant play DayZ properly now, because my frames are running like they were back in .60.

    Everything is a slideshow and the gun play sucks now. It is BETA though, and there are mods being made. Hopefully one of them fixes these problems.

    1. Kricket

      And the fact I cant go near a zed without losing all my frames as soon as I try to attack one.

  3. This wonderful country of mine. It was so beautiful. Now it is filled with so much filth. I am not talking about these non-living fucks roaming about. I am talking about all of these fucking foreigners. They are everywhere. I could deal with them before all this, because I can understand tourism. But now, they move into this country like its a fucking hotel. But, I guess you can not do much, besides rid them of this part of the earth. It will be hard, it will be ruthless. But, I will never regret this. Enough about my beliefs, I write this to tell you who I am. I was born and raised in a place I will not say. I don't to risk you being foreigner and sending all your friends (or filth as some may say) and have you pollute the place. Sure it may be filled with the undead, but at least they understand my hatred for the filth that is about. I had good grades during my time of living there. Had some friends, who are not with us anymore... Lucky bastards! My job was a driver. Not like a product driver, but what some call a taxi driver. Mainly was a tour guide driver for how much filth has entered my car. All they wanted to see were the fucking castles, I can respect they wish to see history of this wonderful land, but it was mainly all they wanted to see. When a fellow Chernorussian enters my car, they ask to go to places like family and friends places. Or a bar or restaurant. No, never in life - well few times maybe - no filth will ask to even go to bar. Either hotel or fucking castle. So in return, I made them pay double. Boss had no problem with it. I was 20 years old when I started job. Every day I have good day. Until the drunken filth enters my car and makes a goddamn mess. Then, I have to deal with the smell and head to wash when they get out. They don't even bother to care to clean up. I tried to make drive free, if the man cleaned up after himself. Instead, he pukes blood and flips me off. I get out and beat him to pulp. Now I spend a night in jail. To be honest, I wished I stayed longer. Was very quiet in jail. To bad it was only one.
  4. I figured it out, it wasnt the game, it was the mod. My version of the mod was an earlier version. Please close this.
  5. So when I try to join the server (using the DayZRP Launcher) I get stuck on joining server. So I try to close the game, and just launch DayZ using the same launcher and try to connect through the change server tab. Now I get Bad Version. I've tried deleting/reinstalling the mod, verifying the game. Currently reinstalling DayZ as I have read in another post similar to this, that they have deleted the mod and DayZ and reinstalled both and it worked for them. Is this really the only way?
  6. Kricket

    DayZ Mod poll

    To be honest I lost all hope and thought this would end up as it did last time ( and the time before that - and so on and so forth).
  7. Kricket

    The great Youtube Crash

    Whelp, there goes my way of getting profile songs... To be honest, I thought it was a problem on my end and I started to freak out thinking there was something wrong with my Internet. Literally turned off my router 3 times before coming to this thread. Who knows really what will happen? Maybe this will all be over by tomorrow. By over I mean the end of the world or it will be back up.
  8. Kricket

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  9. Kricket

    Jackfish's Media Thread

    Hold ~
  10. Pretty sure we'll have more than just a drink... XD
  11. Kricket

    A Place of Positivity

    I finally got my Financial Aid check for $856. And finally after some time of being off DayZ, I don't miss out on all the fun stuff even though most of it is HostileRP. Normally my game would crash on .62 due to low frames, .63 definitely has me hyped again. Stable SoonTM.
  12. Will make due with promise and share a drink with @UndergroundLV The One-Armed Midget Brigade My first SVD
  13. Kricket

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota (Open Recruitment)

    You stole my joke... Anyways, good luck with group.
  14. My opinion on this is like a yes/no type of situation. Yes I believe there should be an Un-Ban wave, but on certain individuals. There have been people that would join the community and get whitelisted, only to be perma'd about 1 or 2 months (max) later. Those are the people I believe that should not be allowed back. However, the ones who have HISTORY with this community - one's who have been here for 1 year or more before their permanent ban - those I believe should be given another chance. As I said, it's just my statement. It's a case on good vs evil with this subject. If we really do un-ban everyone, there is going to be a lot of weeding out the ones who only come back to destroy once more. And don't get me wrong, I do believe people mature overtime. All I'm saying is, not EVERYONE does. Whatever the decision may come to, I will always stay and support it.