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  1. Kricket

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    It's been a hell of a good time running with you Lads again. All interactions I get with you guys are memorable.
  2. That was the longest fucking day of RP ever. Good to be back from break.

    1. Saunders


      Welcome back brother! Hope you enjoyed your first day back 🙂

    2. JackZRP
    3. Kricket


      Only few of that title JackZ


  3. Will be getting back on the server soon. Been going through some shit...

  4. Took a full day off, and played some Battlefield 4 with friends on Xbox One.

    1. Voodoo


      Its good to have a break sometime. Last night some of our group just played the division 2 and then went on to play some fortnite for a laugh.

  5. Enjoyed randomly running into people at GM. Even though I don't know who the most of you were. Sorry I couldn't give names, but momma always told me not to trust strangers.
  6. I just hang out with you guys 24/7. It's always good fun and a lot of great things to remember.
  7. Had such a wonderful and eventful day today. Thank you to everyone I was hanging with. Slava Chernarus

  8. Zero

    • Zero
    • Kricket

    Stay outta muh compound. 😜

  9. Kricket

    Old recording Camera

    Looks like one of those cameras you use to find Bigfoot. All in All, looks pretty cool.
  10. My boy.

    1. Kricket


      I know what respect is and I believe all should be given respect. Except him...

    2. JimRP


      Come back to us soon my brother.


    3. Kricket


      I have time now, just let me know.

    4. Falk


      Kricket fam

    5. Kricket


      You re-opening Tortuga?


    6. Falk


      Maybe one day. 

  11. Kricket

    Good samaritan rule

    I never saw the Good Samaritan rule as a good thing as you'd sometimes see people go to highly populated areas to wait for an initiation to happen on someone, just for them to get rights to kill them. Not to mention if someone (some people) have hostages, you can immediately gain rights just by passing by. -1 from me.
  12. Those be Resident Evil Zombies.
  13. Kricket

    Close S2 until S1 is full

    Gonna have to +1. Usually what happens in the extra server, when there are still slots to fill in S1, its more for getting the better gear for S1. In some experiences, I rarely meet people in S2, but when I do, the RP is usually short lived. I'd rather back to where it was before and wait for the first one to get full, then open the second or turn the second server into a different map, like Chernarus Summer. Namalsk, maybe. Just my piece of the pie.
  14. Kricket


    That'd make a great profile picture.
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