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  1. Kricket

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    The only thing I ever noticed about the islands was that the loot never spawned. No difference in performance, and I run a pretty shit PC at 30FPS max.
  2. Made the swim to the Prison Island next to Skalisty Island. No loot. Now wondering if I should shoot myself rather than make that fucking swim back.

  3. It's fun being the jackass in game.

    1. Kordruga


      I approve of your jackassery 

  4. Gonna start playing again soon, sorry for disappearing boys.

    1. FalkRP


      Hope to see you soon

  5. Kricket

    S2: West of Stary Yar | Invalid Kill

    Me and the guys are up north and spot these people near a barn. One of the guys begins talking to them and I stroll up to talk briefly with one of them. I then continue my way just looting nearby houses as one my allies talks to them. They leave and we decide to initiate. One does not comply, ending up in him getting killed and a small firefight breaks out. The coms were very silent nearing the end and I assumed I was the last alive, however I never asked as I knew there was hostiles still around. I took my moment to kill one of them and, of course, most of my rounds end up being blanks and I end up dying.
  6. Kricket

    A Dream

    Where did you go for that nice skydiving spot?
  7. Vaughn was born on May 14, 1990. His mother and father were very happy to have a son, as before, they recently lost their daughter to Cancer. Her name was Natasha. She was named after the mother. They were not a wealthy family and neither were they poor. They got by with what they had as the father had retired from the Soviet Army during WW2. He lost his left leg in the war and gets his funds for his service monthly. Although it never was enough. When Vaughn was old enough, and against his parents' will, he joined the Russian Armed Forces as light infantry. He was fresh out of training when he was posted to Chernarus to help with the crisis. As his convoy was crossing the border, his Platoon was ambushed by local rebel forces. He took 2 rounds to his body. One was to his leg and the other was caught in his vest in the back, which knocked him unconscious. When he finally awoke, he was in an unknown room. As he grunted to get up from the bed, he noticed that there was milk and a sandwich on the table next to the bed. The milk was spoiled and the sandwich was moldy and put off an awful smell. He then heard noises outside of the room.
  8. I like listening to my profile music. And showing up on that game "catching someone viewing their own profile"


    1. Eagle



  9. Why does there have to be bad blood? Can't we just play the game and have fun?

    1. Banshee


      People will always be people, can't change it.

  10. That was a very productive and unproductive day. Lasted longer than any of us would have guessed. 

  11. Kricket


    I kind of like seeing my fashion choices when roaming around. I normally use first person when I'm not with anyone or trying to loot. Whatever is your piece of pie really. If you want more immersion, play in first person. If you like to see more around you, play in third.
  12. I really wish Signatures were back...

  13. Kricket

    The Time.

    I don't trade. I just watch over the storage and scare every customer away.
  14. Kricket

    S1 Invalid execution -20/05/2019

    I was the one to fire the first shots. Well after seeing the video, I guess I wasn't the first to shoot. We took people hostage at the camp. I was going around just providing whatever roleplay I could and security along with some others, in case anyone ever showed up. Some time passes and I'm in a watchtower closest to where we had the hostages and someone initiates via the megaphone. At the time, I didn't see that Panda was out on the dirt road. I saw one of the initiators pointing their weapons in our direction and took the shot. Sadly, my AK was set to full auto, and instead of firing one, I fired a few dozen rounds and never knew if I hit any with them. Then, someone says over coms that Panda was executed. Then the firefight breaks out, and I ended up killing one who tried pushing in the back entrance. I was killed later on through a gap in the wall.
  15. Kricket

    Death = PK

    So this is how I see it if this EVER becomes a thing. No one will initiate ever again. It will just be a peaceful environment everywhere you go. It will get boring and the server will slowly die. I have been to a community where it was permadeath on every death. You only find people who "bigdick" but don't actually initiate, because they are afraid of that one person to NVFL. Then, you will find those who will build skybases, and just keep hording loot. No one will ever raid it because, they don't want to die by that one random sniper that's watching it. Moral of the story: No one will die of hostilities ever again. Server will be the definition of PVE.
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