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  1. I never saw the Good Samaritan rule as a good thing as you'd sometimes see people go to highly populated areas to wait for an initiation to happen on someone, just for them to get rights to kill them. Not to mention if someone (some people) have hostages, you can immediately gain rights just by passing by. -1 from me.
  2. Those be Resident Evil Zombies.
  3. Gonna have to +1. Usually what happens in the extra server, when there are still slots to fill in S1, its more for getting the better gear for S1. In some experiences, I rarely meet people in S2, but when I do, the RP is usually short lived. I'd rather back to where it was before and wait for the first one to get full, then open the second or turn the second server into a different map, like Chernarus Summer. Namalsk, maybe. Just my piece of the pie.
  4. Kricket


    That'd make a great profile picture.
  5. Chocolate, Gram crackers. The proper way to make a smore.
  6. Kricket

    CDF stacking.jpg.png

    The only stacking I know is bodies.
  7. So it's a guarantee? Namalsk will be great to have. I'd plus one.
  8. Kricket

    Avoiding RP

    I used to be this type of person, so maybe this can help. It all just boils down to the "I don't want to get robbed or killed factor". Remember, this is just my opinion. From my first moments being on this server back in Mod days, I was terrified of larger groups. I would have never of considered confronting some larger group without a friend or two with me. Like I said, it was the fear of being robbed/killed. Now, we all understand this is a RP server. However, not everyone roleplays the same way as the person to their left or right. Some only like 1 on 1 / 3 on 3 interactions. Basically where odds are always 50/50. That used to be me. Then you have those who don't really care who is around ( 1 on 10 / 2 on 20). Basically those who don't give a rats ass who they RP with. If you are one of those people, I salute you. There are those who are behind, in the middle, or way above these standards. It's just their way of roleplaying. Moving on. Would I see a large group heading towards me, Intimidating? Hell yes. Or maybe a group who sends up one person to talk to me? Being honest, I'd still feel as if I'm going to be in some trouble. You gotta remember. Everyone has a different standard. There's even those here who have just stayed silent and watched roleplay go down. That also used to be me. I know it can be frustrating. Trust me, people run from me from time to time. I can't lie, even I will get pissed sometimes. And I normally run alone. Maybe they were not ready or maybe they were caught off guard and didn't expect to run into anyone. Everyone has their own set standard. How their standard improves or decreases depends highly on how they perceive others. Sorry this was all over the place, but I hope it helps. And sorry for the language, it's easier for me to get the point across. Did not see the video till just now, btw.
  9. The people I ran with Yeeted themselves, so gotta find others to run with.

  10. Kricket

    DayZRP Best of 2018

    I'm thankful for @JimRP and the Anarchy Boy's for introducing me into hostile RP. Ya'll had me get a better understanding with it. Been a lot of good memories since the Lopatino to Novy days. Lot of great RP and PvP. I learned a lot from ya'll and made good friends with the lot of you.
  11. Just been really bored lately. Cant play DayZ properly now, because my frames are running like they were back in .60.

    Everything is a slideshow and the gun play sucks now. It is BETA though, and there are mods being made. Hopefully one of them fixes these problems.

    1. Kricket


      And the fact I cant go near a zed without losing all my frames as soon as I try to attack one.

  12. This wonderful country of mine. It was so beautiful. Now it is filled with so much filth. I am not talking about these non-living fucks roaming about. I am talking about all of these fucking foreigners. They are everywhere. I could deal with them before all this, because I can understand tourism. But now, they move into this country like its a fucking hotel. But, I guess you can not do much, besides rid them of this part of the earth. It will be hard, it will be ruthless. But, I will never regret this. Enough about my beliefs, I write this to tell you who I am. I was born and raised in a place I will not say. I don't to risk you being foreigner and sending all your friends (or filth as some may say) and have you pollute the place. Sure it may be filled with the undead, but at least they understand my hatred for the filth that is about. I had good grades during my time of living there. Had some friends, who are not with us anymore... Lucky bastards! My job was a driver. Not like a product driver, but what some call a taxi driver. Mainly was a tour guide driver for how much filth has entered my car. All they wanted to see were the fucking castles, I can respect they wish to see history of this wonderful land, but it was mainly all they wanted to see. When a fellow Chernorussian enters my car, they ask to go to places like family and friends places. Or a bar or restaurant. No, never in life - well few times maybe - no filth will ask to even go to bar. Either hotel or fucking castle. So in return, I made them pay double. Boss had no problem with it. I was 20 years old when I started job. Every day I have good day. Until the drunken filth enters my car and makes a goddamn mess. Then, I have to deal with the smell and head to wash when they get out. They don't even bother to care to clean up. I tried to make drive free, if the man cleaned up after himself. Instead, he pukes blood and flips me off. I get out and beat him to pulp. Now I spend a night in jail. To be honest, I wished I stayed longer. Was very quiet in jail. To bad it was only one. The day after, I smelled something wrong. Some very rotten and sour. When I awoke, it was the drunken shit laying face down on the floor, in the cell across to mine. I swore and insulted him, and he did not to respond. I tried to call out to any officers that were on duty to move him away. I then starting to hear growling coming from the drunken fucks' cell. He was looking at me with this crazed look as he got up and sprinted towards his cell and reached out with both his arms to try to grab me. I flinched a little but it was lucky that his cell was a few feet across from me instead of next to me. I began to call to the officers more and more now - this man was bleeding from his mouth. Keep in mind, this is a jail that's in an underground basement.Being able to even hear someone acknowledge me is damn near impossible. People on ground floor can barely hear what is going on anyhow. I started to worry and went to bed as it was only thing I could do. I somehow went to sleep for what seemed 2 hours. I awoke to screaming and gunfire. And it was the type of screaming as if you were in horror movie. I looked across to the crazed mans cell. His door was wide open, with a blood trail leading to the stairs to the ground floor. At the base of the stairs was a mangled, and blood covered officer, laying on the ground motionless. I called out to him and he did the same thing the crazed man did. He got up, blood coming out of his mouth, and darted towards my cell. He was stopped by the steel bars and reached out to grab me with only one arm. The other was missing from his body. I yelled and even screamed for help. No one would answer. I hoped someone would come down and help. I began to wait for hours, sitting on my bed. No one was coming. In an instance, as if they weren't there before, I noticed the crazed officer had the keys on his belt. There was no other way, I had to grab his keys. Every time I got my hand near him, he would bite at it. So I ended up distracting him with my head close to him, but far enough from his hand, and within a second I knelt down and grabbed the keys and pulled as hard as I could. They were surprisingly not attached to his belt, but stuffed in his pants. The hard part came along to unlock the door without his taking a piece of me. A few minutes passed and as if God was watching over me there was a loud bang outside, shook the ground too. And the officer sprinted outside to see what it was, completely forgetting about me. I find the right key and get out of my cell and head upstairs. I noticed it was very dark outside the building. Power was still on inside the building, thankfully. I grabbed my keys to my car from the main desk located at the front door. I assumed my car was located out back. However, I never got the chance to see. As soon as I exited the station, I felt a sharp pain in my chest and I assumed I hit the ground because there was a hard hit to my head and it was all just a haze from there. I remember hearing voices. Some were female voices, and most were male. I had an instant of waking up in the back of a large truck. A cargo truck of sorts. I was on a medical bed and there was someone to my left speaking to me and I blacked out from there. I awake groggy on a bed. It felt like I came home from a bar still drunk. I finally got my bearings together and notices I was in a small room. I went for the door and it seemed to be stuck. I began to bash against it, slowly moving it inch by inch, until I got it almost to open wide and fell into a hallway. It seemed I was in a hotel. There were many doors on each side of the hall. I managed to get outside. It was very blurry, as if I were stuck in that room for days. I got my bearings headed in one direction, it seemed like I was in Chernogorsk at one of the hotel buildings. And well, I guess here I am now. In this tiny hole that you can call a house writing this shit. I am done for now. I need to find food... and a weapon. Maybe I will have time again to write this. Honestly thought, I would be dead while writing this. Might as well die with a calm mind, right?
  13. I figured it out, it wasnt the game, it was the mod. My version of the mod was an earlier version. Please close this.
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