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  1. My character will be Freddy Smith a man that before the outbreak was an investment banker and a bit of a square that has, since the outbreak, discovered that he has a skill for survival. He ended up in Chernarus on his search for other survivors with the end goal of joining or starting a new community that can try and re-create a sense of normality in the new horrors of the world as it is today. He is a kind man with genuine intentions of helping others but also with a ruthless side that will only come out if people try to hurt the people he cares about. He has adapted to the new world but has also maintained a sense of the structures of the world before the outbreak and is looking to find like minded people to build something that can give people the safety and setting to live their lives as far from the hell the post outbreak world has become. Before coming to Chernarus, just after the outbreak, he found himself alone and quickly started to adapt a way to survive, mostly by avoiding confrontation and the possibility of engaging with the "wrong" kind of people. Hunting animals and camping in woods far from civilisation. Whilst out hunting a deer he came across a fellow survivor named Ted, he had heard about a community of people based in Chernarus, Ted explained that he was travelling to Chernarus with similar intentions to Freddy. After some discussion Freddy was convinced that his best chance of establishing a community was to go with Ted on his journey to Chernarus. The two of them travelled together towards their destination encountering little trouble en route. They arrived at a village on the outskirts of Chernarus, Ted decided to enter a house in the village to try and find some supplies where he was ambushed by a group of bandits and killed, by the time Freddy got to him the bandits had disappeared. Freddy had made it to Chernarus with Ted but now he was alone, again.
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