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  1. Pretty much i joined after and saw all the same things as Robo and helped get things locked back up. The picture is of my wall that you can see is entirely inside the house that was somehow turned into a gate and opened. The other wall and gate were fully intact with no other way to get in to the house so I am not sure if they managed to turn it into a gate and open it through the wall or they managed to glitch into the building and then used that as a method to get out. I have found no way of turning that same wall into a gate from the outside after so I am not sure.
  2. Growing up in the US Eli had a very rough childhood his family was very dysfunctional, his father left him as a child and his mother turned to whatever drugs she could get ahold of. He at a young age would steal from her and use them until he found himself addicted aswell. He ran away from home when he was pretty young and would work a few jobs before quitting or being fired. He was homeless for a short while before he started to sell some of the drugs he bought. He spent most of his adult life selling drugs and going in and out of jail for it. This continued for a long time till eventually he found a woman and fell in love, once that happened he got clean and wanted to be a good man for her. After only a few years of being clean, he had a daughter with his new wife and he loved his daughter more than anything he had ever loved before. After a short time, his new family began to struggle with money and that caused him to turn back towards selling again. This time he ended up dealing with some fellows that he figured were Russian and they were supplying him with the drugs. They would often harass and accuse him of using when this time he was actually staying clean. It turned out that the one selling him the drugs was lying to the boss working over him so he could pocket some of the money for himself. Eventually, Eli was kidnapped by the men and interrogated and was told if he couldn't come up with the money his daughter would be killed. He offered everything he had if they would spare her but it didn't matter, he couldn't come up with the money. After a few week's Eli would come from work to find his house broken into and as he searched for his family he was hit in the back of the head with a hard object. He woke up inside of a metal container with a dozen other people that he could feel was moving. One of the men later explained that they were being sent to another country by the men that he had been working under. Eventually, the container stopped moving and for weeks they sat in it until the food and water ran out. The first man passed not long after, only he didn't stay dead he woke up and attacked them biting another one. They killed the first man and thought it was over until the next day the bitten man turned. They killed him and then wondering who would be next they began to turn on each other. Over the next day or so most of them perished from fighting each other. Eli and one other man survived the fight inside the container. They had to live in the container with 11 other dead men for a few days until they could tell death was coming from a lack of food. They only had one option left and they turned to it. When the container eventually opened up the man who opened it looking for supplies wouldn't believe the horror he found instead.
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    To clarify as well i wasn't there at the start i came because i heard shots and knew that Jacob and Wynne had went in that direction. I believe @thingswithali was not in the wrong for shooting me and the overall situation from my POV was full of good RP.
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    Its really laggy cause i don't have the best PC and its set up for streaming not recording but I am pretty sure i would have died if i didn't wake up the second i did and then they had me walking around and talking to me over the next like 30 mins+ where i continued to pass out and be CPR'd awake. I wasn't at the spot when the initial situation had taken place and came up later to hear what i believe to be @MOHAX95 shouting commands to someone that at the time i wasn't fully aware of who was who i tried to talk to them but then someone started shooting not sure who but i ended up shooting @MOHAX95 and then being shot. I felt the whole situation had good RP after i surrendered myself and don't have any input on how the situation formed. From my POV i don't think any rule breaks took place to my knowledge. I am headed to bed now so if anything else is needed from me i can do that later tonight.
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    I have a recording of it aswell but my obs wasnt set up to record dayz so it is very laggy and weird but ill show how close to death i was when i managed to bandage.
  6. Jonathan Jacobs. He was a simple man from the Midwest United States, he was in college barely passing and decided to take a Russian class for what he hoped would be easy credits. The class needed students or it wouldn't be around another year. The class was at the end of the day so he spent most of it sleeping when he learned there would be a class trip to somewhere in Russia it worried him knowing he actually hadn't been paying attention to any of the class. He needed to go on the trip to pass so he ended up going and it went shockingly well. He met a group of Russians that spoke enough English for him to become friends with. When the trip came to a end they made plans for him to come back next summer and do some hunting with them. Jonathan loved the idea, he hunted deer every year with his dad and brothers and figured it would be a lot of fun. When the time for the hunting trip came he hopped on a plane and went without thinking twice, he met his friends and all seemed well. The group of 5 had planned a large trip where they would be traveling into Chernarus and hunting wolves and beer. The entire time after they entered Chernarus something felt off, less people around scarce security but they didn't care off into the woods they hiked and the hunt began. They spent a week traveling across the countryside, they had planned a stop in a city to restock on supplies and when the time came the place seemed to be completely abandoned before a old man wandered up to one of them and bit him on the neck. The rest of the day was a blur he just remembered him and a friend dragging another into the woods trying to stop the bleeding. Their friend turned on them the next night but they managed to survive it. Jonathan was left with only one friend and they had no clue what to do. They moved towards a military base his friend had knowledge of and when they got there they wouldn't accept Jonathan because he was a foreigner. His friend promised to return for him near the border days then weeks went by. Jonathan is lost in an unknown country and has no knowledge of if this epidemic is worldwide or only here. He has hope that his friend will come back for him.
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