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  1. Thanks everyone. Forgot to make my character on the website.
  2. Ludvig Apslund is a Swedish-born male who had a pleasant childhood and early youth. He was never faced with adversity until he decided to join the Swedish Armed Forces when he was 19 years old. He learned much during his time in the army, picking up many of the survival skills he would later need after the outbreak. Fast forward a few years and Ludvig is now 27, fresh out of service. Ludvig decided he wanted to travel after his service and he started in western Europe, moving East over the span of a few months, meeting many people along the way. He eventually met a woman in the former USSR state and the two of them would become engaged. Ludvig decided to move from Sweden to Chernarus and applied for citizenship there. Ludvig and his fiance lived together for two years before becoming married. Ludvig's fiance Olsa had been sick with cancer throughout their entire engagement, and had only revealed it to Ludvig a month before getting married. Olsa had passed a year after their marriage. Ludvig was still recovering when the outbreak happened. He heard the news and left his home immediately, making his way for the coast.
  3. Hi, just got whitelisted. Every time I try to connect to the server it it kicks me and says "No active character" after playing for more than 30 seconds.
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