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  1. My character is an ex US Army Ranger Donny Venegas, who was currently working as private military contractor in the old Soviet Block. His last contract was in the Ukraine, assisting the local government and militias against Russian backed separatist. After the NATO cease fire he found himself unemployed, until he heard about a high risk mission in a old USSR puppet country of Chenarus. Donny quickly accepts the mission due to his status as a recently terminated mercenary. When he arrived he was given very slim details about his duties there. All he knows is he would be working for a very powerful private research facility protecting very sensitive information. Due to the protective gear worn by the scientist on site Donny knew it had to be some sort of chemical agent or nuclear testing facility. A good Merc never questions things that are out of his job concern. Shortly after his 6 month deployment things started going to hell with reports of a deadly viral outbreak that turns people into raving lunatics. Donny is no scientist but he believes there is a connection between the work he was assigned to and the new red plague. After searching the solo for survivors, Donny has ran out of food and needs to find help and protection from bandits and other communities. He has been solo living off the land since the outbreak, he's done things he isn't proud of, but he has seen the worst of society in war and knows survival isn't about morality.
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