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  1. I don't have very much experience with role playing games, but I look forward for the opportunity to try it. well here goes... Hey its Jeffery Knight here, but please call me Jim, I come from a large family of construction workers. I was in training to become a crane operator where I would work for 2 weeks at a time 200-300 miles from my family and then take 1 week off. the schedule was great and I was learning a lot until it happened and I wasn't able to return to my home because my car wouldn't start. People were acting weird and I started to fear for my life and as I started to become aware of what was happening I began to fear for the worst. My wife Mary, and our two little girls Hailey and Barbra are doing great I'm sure. I had trained Mary on how to cook and shoot guns and how to maintain them. I also taught the girls how to start fires, cook food and look out for one another. I am certain that they are doing well and can fend for themselves. hopefully with a little luck I will soon be able to get closer to them and protect them as they survive and live a fulfilling life.
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