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  1. My character is named Travis Wright, he is 31 years old, and is an ex United States Army Infantryman, and served two tours of combat. One to Iraq, and the other, Afghanistan. He got home from his second deployment to find out that his wife left him, and took the kids. His father left when he was very young, and his mother died of Leukemia when he was in his mid twenties. He was always known by his squad members as being brave and bold, the first to be in the fight and the last to leave. Little do they know when he gets home he is out of a job, and is battling depression, alcoholism, and being homeless when he finally ships back to his home country. His younger brother, Carson, offers him a job as a foreman in his construction company "Trigon Construction". They were contracted to do some construction in Chernaurus during the early stages of the outbreak to help out with the Russian Armed Forces efforts to try and build new military bases, outposts, and encampments, but the job sites were closed down when things got out of hand. The only things they have left to do now are search for supplies, find other survivors, and start to try to rebuild a broken country.
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