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  1. Rome Eternal! Ave, True to Caesar!
  2. Well they actually hunted me down. Screamed at me with thick russian and scottish accents, I forgot to put my radio down, and they shot me in the head because of that.
  3. I... escaped, although just barely, I gunned down the guy that killed you, then they had snipers in the trees firing at me.
  4. Thank you for having the patience to deal with my non-existent voice roleplay! You were amazing as well, Emon! Don't forget to take your ibuprofen before Nick goes on second watch!
  5. A Marine Biologist temporarily living in Chernarus. She rented a condo in the city of Chernogorsk, where she would go to the docks every day and launch to the sea where she could study, and hopefully preserve endangered sharks and other aquatic life just outside the country. She grew up in Springfield, Illinois, going to high school, then community college to fix her somewhat meager grades. After improving her school grades she went to Harvard after a long studious trial and error navigating through the academic world. She had gotten a Master's in Biology which lead her to where she was now, the middle of Chernarus on an expedition with a scientific team working for an American company to preserve the local fauna of the ocean. Her partner, Sam Chen. During the outbreak her partner Sam saved her life when an infected fell on top of her as they were running from downtown Chernogorsk. Sam flipped the infected over, getting bit in the process. They proceeded to safely get out of the city, however, it was too late for Sam. Sam, becoming pale and sickly, with bouts of unexplained rage attacked her. The knife in her boot she had managed to pick up during the evacuation would be the object to end her lover's life. Tragically, Sam lay there, bleeding on the floor, a knife in his head, Emika sobbing at the loss of her partner. Eventually it was time to go, so she picked up the knife and kept moving, to the town, and then the next, and next. For weeks she did this, surviving, but just barely.
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