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  1. Born and raised in New York, Jackson had a life of entertainment lined up for him. he had lots of family in a myriad of different places, he was sure to get a job somewhere. though now... it's hard to see much of a future for him... at all. as one fateful trip to visit his family in Linovia has stranded him struggling to survive Now stuck he's looking to find a way to bring a ray of light of some kind to this bleak bleak world... but first things first... he needs to get his hands on something that can let him do that.
  2. I'm not trying to flame anyone. I'm trying to suggest a system that will promote people to have fun rather than worry about going through red tape and weather or not they are near where they died, instead of having a fun time role playing with their friends.
  3. Counter point: I've said multiple times now, that you seem to have ignored. there is a thing the mods can add that gives a log if a player loots their body. please be captain obvious and explain what aspects make it more difficult to moderate.
  4. Red tape and information that is only revealed to you after you choose to bring it to the mods. which no one will because it's been stated that it not appealable Not the point of the post at all. What's the harm in looting a town you died in? and this is assuming no RP was made in this town previously, and you don't loot your body. you cannot use "it's breaking NLR" as an excuse. as soon as they figure out the point of the thread and stop slapping me with the same bullshit broken record excuse and give valid points against my arguments. yea sure. As in quoting what i said. telling me why it wouldn't work, and maybe suggesting a change to it so that it might work
  5. -User was warned for this post-
  6. -User was Cautioned for this post-
  7. YES! GOD DAMN THIS MAN IS STARTING TO GET ONTO IT. -User was warned for this post-
  8. 1: "Majority" 2: i didn't say anything about special exceptions. i laid out a different set of rules that could be followed, which would allow for players to be able to still have fun and follow NLR easily. 3: by the rules standards i did Break NLR. however nothing i did while returning to the location interfered with anyone game play or experience. and i didn't return to my body to loot it.
  9. sigh.... I'm saying to use the new system as a tool. stop witch hunting players. yes actively monitor it, and if they spawn outside a town that just so happened to be the one they died in and they loot it for starter equipment and then leave. don't engage in RP or anything just loot, overlook their body, and be on their way, then what's the problem with it? WHERE'S THE FLAWS IN MY SUGGESTION?! The system that was implemented has 10 minute intervals. between pings on logs. a lot can happen in that space of time to moderators then have to make judgement calls on who gets banned and who doesn't. you still seem to miss my bloody point. Monitor it. add the mod that pings staff when players loot their body, dish out warnings and shorter bans if they actively return to a 1000 meter radius of it (the electro->chero example) and then leave the rest up to reports. don't ban people because they were having fun. use this new tool to help cross reference the things people said. they have damage logs, death logs, and now location logs. it shouldn't be used to witch hunt players who are having fun. that's an A+ way to get people to just jump to TRZ. Loot on your body isn't important. what's wrong with nabbing starter equipment? and there is a way to prove it there's a mod that can ping the staff if a player loots their own body. but there also being actively used to which hunt players. innocent players who have done minor things that don't impact RP at all.
  10. NLR and firefights were handled just fine previously. however, my argument is that as long as your not actively making an attempt to return to your body and loot it, or to return to a previous area, or break someones immersion by coming back from death, then it should be waived. what's the problem in looting a town you died in RP wise? genuinely what's the problem with it? there is literately a mod that adds a log that can tell staff if a player looted their body. Was a 3 day ban on a player with with 0 points and no option to appeal necessary though? a 12/24 hour ban sure. but 3 whole days? Now all of a sudden i have a rap sheet. a warning would have been a lot more proper. Also. i can avoid it all i want but here's the issue: there's gonna be times where i'm in the town and i've forgotten, we're human, we're making mistakes, and if i'm actively worrying about where i got and constantly bouncing out of the game to contact staff, them i'm constantly being pull out of the experience. the ways i've suggested that it be policed differently wouldn't be difficult to implement, are fairly straight forward. And unless you can tell me what they are i refuse to believe that you actually read what they are and understand them. because if you did you'd be able to give me points on why it wouldn't properly work like an actual argument. Tell me. what about my suggestions do you agree with, and where you find problems in with what i said in my original post?
  11. I'm not mad that you're disagreeing with me, i'm mad because you're disagreeing with me on points i never made, which screams to me that you clearly didn't read the post. I want there to be NLR. But it needs to be Policed differently. Same here. however reports have been able to handle this just fine. with the logs it should be used as a tool. not used to Witch hunt NLRs.
  12. This something i personally... half agree with On the right track but not exactly. I don't want people to loot their bodies period. but i also don't wanna get banned because i was near my body. We are here to roleplay and have fun. So, if what i do in game doesn't interfear with either of those (In general i'm not saying go loot or any of that shit) but if i loot a town and it doens't mess with someone elses fun or RP. then why am i being banned? at that stage no one did anything wrong and you can't say "because the players need to fear death" if they don't fear death then that's Bad RP and has nothing to do with NLR. Not the point of the this post read the damn post.
  13. yea, a lot of things sound great on paper right? however lets think for a moment. and i'm sad i have to explain this again because i already explained it in the post that you clearly didn't read. What does is matter if no body cares? it needs to return to a primarily Report system. If you have a perfectly adaquate town in front of you to loot, but you activly return to the town, then yea that get's hit with a ban (in my eyes it gets hit with a warning and a 12 hour ban and if you loot the body then it's a 3 hour ban) the primary factor is. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF IT. WHAT IS THE PLAYER BEING PUNISHED FOR, AND WHY IS THAT PUNISHMENT SIGNIFICANT WITH CONTEXT? - snip -
  14. yea buddy that's red tape. people aren't going to do that, and it wasn't announced ANYWHERE to ANYONE that people have that option, so only when they get hit with an NLR are they then informed that they can. which isn't fair to them
  15. However let me add previously that this wasn't as issue before hand. Why must i now go through red tape to access information just so i can play in peace? this as well takes up Staff time. and assuming EVERYONE did this EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY DIED. they'd be overwhelmed and wouldn't be able to keep up porperly.
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