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  1. my name is jimmy Jackson i was born on 1990 I'm a 29 year old retired us war hero traveling the world trying to run from my past i was in a helicopter on july 10th 2017 when it went down and when i came to i was in field i had no idea where i was all i knew is that i was somewhere in chernarus and the dead were all around me i had no clue what was going on all i know is that i need to find a safe place to stay and find out if there are any survivors in a near by town or in this would of the dead i don't know but i feel like i need to save the world in order to save myself from my past i just hope I'm not the only one in this word i cant be there has to be some out there and ill find them and hopefully we can join forces to find a doctor that can stop this nightmare its been a long time now and still no sign of any its been 3 months i don't know what to do any more I'm to scard to move from this town but I'm low on supplies so i need to move out hopefully i find someone soon my mental health is deteriorating I'm so alone its been so many days in this town now I'm so alone
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