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  1. The character i would like to RP as is Nathan Novak he was born on the 11/11/2005, and he is a teenager who moved to America from the UK and before the outbreak he delivered mail around his local town to earn extra money for his family. After some time his father was offered a life changing job in Chernarus. The company paid for the plane over and a house to live in. By the time he was 12 his father had built a stable life for his family, until the outbreak... in July 2017, my parents turned on him. Him was forced to kill them to survive... After killing his own parents he decided to go outside to see what was going on because of all of the noise and commotion coming from outside and found that his area was infected. He ran back inside seeking safety and comfort and waited until he was found... After days of waiting he was running low on rations and by a miracle he was found by a group of men looking for survivors and supplies. They brought him back to their camp and looked after him until the camp was overrun by the infected, luckily he escaped with a few supplies and a small knife for protection, he ran through the forest without looking back only looking forward for his next home. Lost and alone he set up a small sleeping bag in a farm house and slept for the night not knowing what was waiting for him in the next day...
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