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  1. I am from a standard English middle class family, I worked as an accountant until I gained an extreme cocaine addiction at which point I was fired from my job. I was sent to prison for 3 years for possession of Class A controlled substances. Prison life was horrible, I knew I had to escape. I forged a ladder out of newspapers I had collected over the period of 3 months, my escape was ready. One day, I went out into the recreation yard with the ladder concealed within my overalls. I set it up on the wall, checked around to make sure no guards were watching and climbed the ladder. There was some barbed wire in the way but I went through with some minor cuts. All I had to do now was escape. I had heard of Chernarus through the newspapers that I collected, and it seemed like a nice place to escape to, although it was quite a bit away. I had no choice but to go for it so I did. I met up with a friend in London who provided me with a fake id, a 1911 pistol and some money. Off I went to Chernarus.
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