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  1. Alex Farkas is a Hungarian 26 years old man, who travelled all across the world, but sadly due to a plane incident involving a certain infected pilot just made his day even better. The plane fell down to the wastelands of Chernarus, him being the only survivor. Before the incident, Alex was working as a photographer, quite an adventurous one at that. He went to places where nobody ever dared to go. His favourites were the old abandoned structures, he always thought that those places (and every place he visited) had a story behind it and he was always searching for clues. His photos were sold at really high prices due to their quality and aesthetics of them. But during the start of the outbreak, he was payed by lots and lots of 'important people' to take pictures of the infected individuals. After that, he was sent to Chernarus to take pictures of ground zero a couple of years later, but that was the time his plane incident happened. Now, he is wandering the wastes, trying to survive day after day, night after night. His only goal being his escape from Chernarus.
  2. Alexei was born in Moscow and was raised in a small vilage named Volsam that sat near the capital city which really made his student life easier. He had a really troublesome childhood that ended up with both of his parents being dead, due to her mother one day cheating on his father with his father's best friend. He was 14 when both of his caretakers died right in front of him. The father killed the mother and the mother's partner with an axe, after that he commited suicide due to him being intoxicated and filled with guilt after his actions. Alexei couldn't do anything to stop his father's massacre. In the end, the police came out and investigated the scene, sending him to foster parents who treated him very strictly when it came to studying and such. This part of his past always haunts him to this day and he swore to himself that he will never lose it like his father did. When he turned 25, he finished university in the Moscow State University, achieving a doctorate from his hard efforts and becoming a doctor. After this accomplishment, Alexei moved out from his foster's parents home and he thanked everything for them afterwards. At the age 28, he began to build up a family for himself with a lovely wife called Anna and with a small child a year later, little Maxim. Proceeding a few years forward, at the age of 30, when the outbreak was at the second week, some soldiers took him away from his family due to the shortage of doctors in Chernarus. They didn't said where he would be taken, but at least they let him say a goodbye to his family before that very night where he would crash with a helicopter that was flying from somewhere near Moscow towards Miroslavl where a supposed research center had opened. At approximately between 5 and 6 in the morning, the helicopter crashed as it was caught in a bad storm that went on during that period of time. Alexei was the only survivor on that crash, but it really did a number on him. His head injured very badly, not to mention the damage this did to the brain, developing the pseudobulbar affect. After that "great landing", he succesfully treated his wounds but the brain injury was there and he couldn't really do anything to stop it besides taking cough syrups for it. Now his only goal is to get out of Chernarus as fast as possible using trading methods, trying to develop connections all around Chernarus with most of the people.
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