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  1. Before the crisis started, Chantel Lautenbach was a typical woman in their 20's. She was what was known as a 'gamer girl', a streamer, but was also studying to get into Marine Biology. She was in the process of applying for her Master's, and was working at Ripley's Aquarium in Ontario when the outbreak first hit. Biology, medical studies and life had always fascinated her. She had a long-distance relationship and moved over to Belgium, as things got worse at the advise of her boyfriend, not wanting to be stranded when flights stopped happening. Despite leaving her life in Canada as she knew it, there was no way she wanted to be alone the way things were starting to look. Joining up with him in Belgium, a few of his online gamer friends tagged along, joining up at one safe point; trying to defend there as long as possible. Everything rapidly started declining as the infection started to spread even further. Fear setting in at their situation and deciding there was no longer a safe point in their once home, she agreed to make a trek across Europe, to the place that this all began; Chernarus. Considering the infection began here, surely it should have died off and became inactive at this point. At least, that was her thought process. That was probably going to be the safest place for all of them, as the infected spread across the whole of Europe faster and faster. She still couldn't believe this all was happening. Her boyfriend had always joked about the possibility of an outbreak, and the possibilities of outcomes following this type of situation. She never believed it would ever actually happen. I mean.. It's nuts.. right? She knew she was immune already, but the thought of this was all too much. Setting off on the boat to Chernarus, after escaping Belgium, and trekking across Europe to reach the coast, Chantel was struck by sudden grief. Events of the past while were finally starting to sink in. She had watched so many people perish due to this outbreak. So much chaos and death littered the streets, and yet a small group of them managed to escape and attempt to find their way to a new safe haven for the time being; or at least she thought. On the way to to Chernarus, a raging storm came in, almost immediately crashing the boat, water-logging it, and sweeping each of them through the chaotic waters, eventually onto the shore. Waking up with a pounding migraine, and blurry vision from the trauma, she had realized she was alone. They had all been separated at the crash. Her boyfriend was nowhere to be seen, and neither were their friends. She had a minor concussion, blood seeping from a wound on her head, and no supplies to survive. She had to figure out a plan, and quick. But how?
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