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  1. As a young lad, I lived in city of Zelenogorsk with my family. My father was a member of the government, where he worked with his best friend Bob. My mother worked hard keeping us kids in check and keeping the house running smoothly. I have two brothers and a sister. As we grew up, Our father and his best friend, Uncle Bob taught us to hunt, fish and live off the land. When ever my father had free time to teach us something new, he did. As we got older he seemed to have less and less time for the fun things, but for years, he was always teaching us some sort of life lessons. Our father was killed a few years ago while at work, we never got a answer to what really happened that day. After my father's death, Uncle Bob has always helped us out when he could. He always kept us up to date with the happenings around other parts of the country. We received a call from Uncle Bob telling us to get out of town and go to the cabin deep in the woods where we went hunting as kids as quickly as we could and dont be followed by anyone. I then called for my sister and brothers and told them what I was just told. We all quickly gathered some of our belongings and as many provisions we could find quickly. We then loaded the truck and started to head out when we heard the news on the radio of the truck saying, people are attacking other people without cause. It looks like swarms of people attacking other people and to stay in our homes for safety. My brother quickly drove out of town, taking the back roads rarely traveled to avoid running into anyone else. We made it to the cabin safely later that evening, where we stayed safe and out of sight. We heard nothing on the radio for weeks. Then we started running low on food, so we went out to hunt one morning. We went separate ways hoping to increase our odds of finding a deer or boar. After hours of hunting, I returned home. Just before coming out of the woods, I seen several people outside the cabin. I started to say something when I noticed one of them coming out with my sister thrown over his shoulder. I then noticed they had my brothers tied up out by our old truck. The guy with my sister placed her in the bed of our truck. Then him and several other people grabbed my brothers and got them into the bed of the truck as well. As I grabbed my rifle off my back and scoped in, I could not believe my eyes but the person in the driver's seat was Uncle Bob. In my disbelief of what I just seen, I looked again as they drove away from the cabin. I then saw a big group of people running out of the woods from behind the cabin chasing the truck. it was a hoard of people. I need to find out where Uncle Bob took my family, why did it look like it was a kidnapping? or was they just saving them? I'm also going to have to avoid the infected now as well, did they follow them here or was it just a coincidence? I just will not know until I find them.
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