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  1. Michael Rainey always lived seperated by his brother Reece. Michael is the younger brother who never met his brother and when he heard he was in. Chernarus he went looking. He left his house with nothing but a backpack and some food. He managed for a while but eventually he got bogged down in livonia, he got caught by a bunch of infected. He was fucked. He sat there thinking of his brother who he had talked to over the phone or over social media but never met, all the memories missed when he heard a gunshot. It was an old police officer, his name doesnt matter. He was on his last few breaths and he helped michael escape the police station. Michael never got to talk with the man nor does he anything about him. After that Michael wanted to help people, like that old police officer. He would do it in anyway possible and he would put his own life on the line.
  2. I enjoyed running into @Mademoiselle, I loved how she role played Addy even if it was a short encounter where I scared her hahaha
  3. *An Irish accent starts to chatter through the radio mumbling to himself about how the damn radio won't work* "Oh shit, there we go. Hey boys, it's Irish. I'm new around here and most of you won't have had the pleasure of meeting me. I'd consider myself a nice guy so this is an opportunity for anyone who needs it. I'm gonna become a scavenger for anyone willing to pay or let me into their group. I don't want to rob you , all I want to do is help. Don't waste this opportunity because I'm a fuckin' loyal guy who will only help you. Irish out" *The radio falls silent" *The radio suddenly comes on again* "Oh, and I forgot to mention. You green mountain guys get first dibs because you've proved that you're decent. Cheers"
  4. I wish to play as a character who is conflicted between his morals and his need to survive. I want to create a character who will either kill you for a can of beans if he is starving or will give you food if you need it. My characters name is Reece Hughes who is a 24 year old who was forced out of his home from a young age due to his parents not wanting to feed him. He soon went into foster care where he found two people who couldn't have kids. He was then sent to expensive schools and showered with the love he craved from his biological parents.When he was 18 went to University to get a degree in pharmaceutical science, he was top of his class in every aspect. He graduated and was instantly recruited into the UN to serve as a Medic for people in need. After he joined he was sent to Chernarus where he saw the true animalistic traits of mankind and soon realized that he had to survive. He started stealing food from his camp and began a stockpile which he was planning on running away with to get out of chernaurs. He was caught by one of the guards soon after the outbreak got really bad and he was forced to flee. He soon found himself alone and with very little food in a country that he had no knowledge of, whatsoever. He just wants to survive by any means necessary. He was alone and didn't know where to go from here, he just began searching the coast for any form of life, he soon encountered a campfire with two survivors sitting beside it. The time was about dusk so he could see the light from the campfire shining on them before they could realise he was hiding in the shadows. He sat and pondered on what to do with the survivors but then he saw what food they had. He decided that it was too much of a risk to confront them head on so he waited. He st for about an hour just watching them until the fell asleep. After they went to sleep he moved into the camp and began taking anything he could find. While searching for food he found a .357 magnum in one of the survivors bags, he had never used a gun and wasn't sure if he should take it. While staring at this gun one of the survivors woke up and mistook him for his friend and asked what he was doing. He was shocked by this and he reacted with too much speed to really think about his actions, h grabbed the gun and quickly spun to shoot the guy in the chest. His friend then started shouting from the other tent in which Reece then shot the last 5 bullets from the magnum through the tent, killing the second survivor. He now had blood on his hands. He was a killer but it didn't effect him, he stole their stuff and left their bodies in the middle of the field. He didn't care. He had survived and thats all that mattered to him.
  5. Quite excited to get onto the server and play with all you fine people!
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