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  1. Gremlinco

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    It seems 2/3’s wants some form of change with longer demolishing actions. I see many of the replies are about the action timer and how they really don’t want it to take longer, but what about a designated raid time? Do people want this to prevent offline raiding? It could be 4-7 hours a day that raiding works, then outside that time period it doesnt or it takes a very long time? Its around 45/55 with the raid time period currently and it seems it’s being overshadowed by the action timer. As a side note I don’t think the destruction time will be upped a lot, since it is a continuous action that if broken needs to be completely restarted. Might be upped a minute, so it takes at least 2 minutes for a wall or lock. After my tests 2-3 minutes doesn’t feel too annoying and feels more realistic, as breaking a wall in real life would take way longer. Anyway I have heard and listened to this point and I don’t seeing it being upped more than to 2 instead of 1 minute, if even at all. Let us discuss a designated raid time period if more people want to voice their opinion.
  2. Gremlinco

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    It takes 1 min to break walls, locks and barbed wire currently, not 2. I tested today and discovered that. Updated my original post to show this
  3. Gremlinco

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    Don't worry buddy the dev team is one big happy family, even though we are very quiet We just try to avoid disappointment so we keep to the shadows of the dungeon Rolle locked us in
  4. Gremlinco

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    I haven't been informed of it and anyway I don't see it as a stopper that Aeryes (our dev god) is working on a future project, when what I got is something to change something that some view as an issue currently. We can always remove my script when we want to it's tiny hehe
  5. Gremlinco

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    Sadly it needs to be a continous button press, but I think it saves destruction if you let go (edit: it doesnt).
  6. Gremlinco

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    Server peak hours are between 17:00 to 01:00 (UTC) for all timezones. With peak hours I mean when population is above 60-70 Salvaging isnt affected by this, it's only destruction from the outside. It still takes 15 seconds or something to salvage from the inside.
  7. Gremlinco

    Thoughts on the Current State of Base Defense/Raiding?

    Voice your opinions here
  8. Gremlinco

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    I figured out how to make the destruction of walls, combination locks and barbedwire take longer and I even got a script going that can change how long it takes depending on the irl time of the day (server time). Destruction time for walls/gates, combination locks and barbedwire can be changed separately btw, including damage to tools. Salvaging abandoned bases won't be affected by this! This is only for destruction from the outside! So I wanna hear if people want raiding to be an effort now or if they prefer it taking 1 min. I can make it so it takes a bit longer during peak hours and very long outside as to avoid offline raiding (my current test is from 17:00 UTC to 23.59 UTC, which is where the server is most populated) I can make it so tools are heavily damaged or ruined on successful destruction I can also just make it so raiding just takes a lot longer no matter what time it is ofc Please remember this is work in progress and might NEVER make it to the server! I just want some input on what the people think if we get this feature implemented!
  9. Gremlinco

    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    Thank you and take my beans good sir
  10. Gremlinco

    Second server and automatic locking

    Maybe add a 5 min timer to the auto-kick, so when it goes below 90% it sends a server RCON message saying server will close in 5 min, so people can finish their business before it kicks them? Otherwise we will have people kicked a lot if S1 is changing from 89%-90%, like it is right now
  11. Gremlinco

    Medical Item Suggestions

    Oh god what did I start
  12. Gremlinco

    Where is all the loot?

    Yes so I suggest checking the lesser visited military loot spawns, those are where I have mostly found cool shit. Western edge of map especially, myshkino tents and that gas station with military tents in the middle of nowhere. Also for some reason Chernogorsk military tents always have crazy loot, no idea why edit: Zaprudnoe or whatever its called had 3 barracks that were literally untouched when I played with 90 people online. Maybe I should make a map when I got time
  13. Gremlinco

    Where is all the loot?

    Honestly I don’t find it hard to find high-tier military weapons, last week I died because of lag + a goat chasing zombie (tried to save the poor goat). I then went straight to the airfield then to tisy and down west to smaller military tent areas (looking for my precious south face jacket), found a damaged scar and two damaged/badly damaged ak’s and picked up a damaged ak and fixed it up. I have no issue finding high-end guns but that might be because I play EU times with 30-80 online players. Anyway try looking in less known military areas or play when less people are online if a high-end weapon is something you can’t live without. Also loot despawns and changes constantly when people aren’t interacting with the loot from my experience. The small military towers around the airfield is a great example, I looted like 10 then went inside the base and took the same 10 towers again, now with mostly new loot. TLDR; loot is out there but when 50 people loot the same place 100 times every hour, it doesn’t get a chance to change/respawn. I might be totally wrong but that’s my experience. edit: I dont really like using high-tier and have left countless rifles alone to rust. Try using the shotgun or some of the bolt-action’s, they are quite beastly and fun to use
  14. Konstantin and his older brother Alexei were born in the Chernogorsk Central Hospital to Ruslan and Katya Dudnyk, two Chernarussians who were descendants of Russian immigrants. The Dudnyk’s lived in the outskirts of Chernogorsk in a small red house, a house which his father Ruslan had built with his father when he was a kid. Ruslan Dudnyk was a dockworker and worked in the Chernogorsk harbor as a crane operator, and Katya Dudnyk was a Russian teacher at the Elektrozavodsk Primary School. When Konstantin and Alexei were young, they used to spend their summers at summer camp. They went to Summer Camp Builder (Летний лагерь Строитель) in the hills north of Chernogorsk, several times during their childhood and went to the Ozerko pond to swim during the hottest of days. When they came home from summer camp Ruslan would take his sons to the forest to hunt boars, which came down from the hills at this time. Together the three Dudnyk’s built a hunting post close to their home, from which they could shoot the boars roaming on the fields. Around 2007 when the boys were still very young, a man armed with a Kalashnikov rifle and donning a black beret with a single red star came to the red house asking for Ruslan and Alexei led the man to his father. Ruslan told his sons to go downstairs to their room, but the boys were so excited to see a real military rifle that they instead hid on the stairs and listened through the door. They could barely make out what the man said to their father, but Alexei who was looking through the keyhole saw the man handing over a greenish satchel to Ruslan. The two adults left the house and the boys went to the room to see what those items were, that the strange man had given to their father. Alexei opened the satchel and found a Makarov IJ-70 semi-automatic handgun, Alexei waved around the gun pretending to shoot with it and then Konstantin tried to take the gun so he could also play with it. While the two boys fought over the handgun, their fathers came in and took it from them and smacked each of his sons across the face. He warned them not to play with such a dangerous thing, and the put the pistol back into the satchel and stashed it on top of a closet. A year later tension was brewing in South Zagoria as forces of the Národní Strana (National Party, NAPA), Chernarusskoye Dvizheniye Krasnoy Zvezdy (Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, ChDKZ) and the Chernarussian Defense Forces (CDF) began a period of violence. First it started as minor skirmishes between locals but then warlords started taking up arms, and that was when the bombings started. The civil war had not yet broken out, but tension was mounting rapidly.
  15. Gremlinco

    Staff Feedback: Derek Steel

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A (I'd rather not provide the embarrassing evidence) Feedback: Ducked up my discord-dayzrp linking and went to discord for help, waited 1 min and Derek came and was very friendly. I even managed to disconnect myself, not my proudest moment. Anyway talked to him for 30 seconds and then 2 min later he had contacted a moderator who fixed the rest. Took about 5 min from start to finish, which is far faster than I would have expected. I expected this to be a bigger issue but his supporting skills worked it all out. As a former computer supporter myself I can say this guy did a good job. Suggestions for improvement: None, top notch service
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