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  1. LogicalReap3r

    Wolfpack Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    *presses ptt* Really, did the jackels take em out or. *lets go of ptt*
  2. LogicalReap3r

    Wolfpack Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    *Nikolai turns on the radio* I am in your town and i would like to socialize i have some gifts too.
  3. I am going to Sinystok and I would like to visit the Wolf Pack. If any members would like to meet me ill be there only to bring some gifts and to socialize
  4. LogicalReap3r

    Elddis Scrap Yard Media Thread

    I was so scared thats why i was barely talking
  5. My name is Nikolai Vilinski and I am 17 years old. My life before the outbreak was awesome, living in Chenarus with my mother and my father. It was the most frightening thing of my life when most of society including my parents turned. I was upstairs when my parents now zombies were banging on my door to kill me. I grabbed my machete which i have hanging on my wall and killed my parents....... my very own parents. Right after that I went through my neighborhood searching for any immune like me. Thankfully my best friend Oliver Riggs and his two family members Daniel Riggs and Timothy Riggs were out searching for any survivors just like I was. We then set up a camp at their house and are currently making a refuge camp or survivor supply place for anyone that needs resources. My viewing on this catastrophe is hell, all I wanted to do was go to college and be successful to support my very own kids but this is nearly impossible while i'm trying to fend for my life. My name is Nikolai Vilinski and I am signing out. Report 4.56
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