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  1. Same here, me and my group have been spending at least 3 days now to find one pair of pliers since you cannot repair them, all I find are shovels, we have at least 15 Shovels now.
  2. Saw a car pass by Vybor going at least 80 MPH blasting some Russian EDM music, the only car I've seen in this whole week
  3. Long Term is definitely my style. I'm not a very busy person so dedicating most of my time to RP isn't a problem. Collecting different information and obtaining knowledge of not only specific groups but specific people is my favorite. The more people I go around and meet, the easier it is to communicate with them in the long term. For example, yesterday on my way to Vybor Military I bumped into a fella, after a bit of communicating we realized we knew each other from a different time we met a few days ago when I assisted him in Gorka. Because we already knew each other it was easy to create a trustworthy friendship. Collecting knowledge is key, I always write down the name of everyone I meet and a description of them to keep in case I run into them again. Know more people, gain more trust, have an overall better time role playing.
  4. I've played Livonia for a bit but overall i'd probably play Chernaraus more than Livonia. I feel like Livonia's vast forests and the distance between towns are just some challenges that players will face. When I played during the little timespan they gave us, I really did'nt find anything as interesting as Chernauras, sure the broken down buildings were cool but I think Livonia is better suited as an Arma map and not a DayZ one. Don't get me wrong though, its a beautiful map, its just not my piece of pie.
  5. Amazing read! I hope you make more man, Definitely my slice of cake
  6. Well, after being Kidnapped on the Main Highway and driven by some unknown men to a base to be sold as slaves to the Wolfgang, I met up with another kidnapped survivor @solopsistic. We were going to be sold as slaves but some fight broke out in the compound where were staying at and we managed to escape through an open gate. We teamed up and the Roleplay was top notch one of the best iv'e encountered to this date. We found our way to Vavilova and managed to gather enough pickings to head up to Basha to loot around. From there we made our way next to the Northwest walls down to the Southeast compound of the airfield, after looting a bit we stumbled across a woman and another guy, the woman was friendly but the guy we spotted had his gun out so to avoid trouble ,while he was in a barrack I demanded he put his weapon away by gunpoint, luckily he did and we were alright. We didn't rob him and simply chatted for a bit, made some new friends and went on our way. Me and @solopsistic then made our way to a little barn to rest and to end the day. Honestly, being kidnapped wasn't so bad in the long run. Thanks Human Traffickers!
  7. When I made my character it was just out of the blue, the only thing I really researched was the lore to make sure it was accurate but overall the story I made for my character just created itself in-front of my eyes. No planning needed, whatever comes up, I write down,
  8. I was thinking about the idea of a Test if some sorts to test the newly whitelisted player on the knowledge of the rules. Although I guess it could be easily cheatable. Maybe a daily login question or something, these are just some of my ideas but it probably won’t prevent people from not looking into the rules more precisely
  9. This sounds very similar to my first interaction too, Good read. I suggest finding a group to join as its much easier to make situations like that in your favor. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your experience on the server
  10. I should've joined this Server a long time ago, but i'm glad I finally got around to it. I can't wait to have an actual decent experience in DayZ in quite awhile. I'll see you guys tomorrow on the server, thanks again to the DayZRP team and the community members for a quality server I can enjoy everyday!
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