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  1. GunterThePenguin

    Anthony's Journal

    A collection of photos, aesthetic and not, from various places around the country of Chernarus
  2. #FreeAron73

    1. Novi


      Inb4 glorification of a banned player

    2. GunterThePenguin


      I'll take the points if it comes to that. I just want them to view his appeal.

    3. Novi


      Based AWOL

  3. GunterThePenguin

    Anthony and Tammy

    A collection of photos with Anthony and Tammy across the land of Chernarus. May their love guide them to greatness and prosperity, they are truly a sight to behold together.
  4. The Fight Night Event at Cherno by the Lost Highway went amazing! Definitely a Well-Planned and thought out event by the group!
  5. GunterThePenguin


    Nice cock
  6. This group has amazing potential and I can't wait to see them in character more often!
  7. *A familiar voice would come to* "I heard what happened, your promise was broken." "I wouldn't want to know what would've happened to you if you stayed either." "You had a chance to change, you gave up a finger for it. Now you run away.." "Hmphm" *He would clip the radio back on his chest*
  8. Had an amazing time with the 30+ People that showed up to the Wedding Event! Thank you all for coming and it was amazing! Special thanks to @Lettuce for being the Preist, @beatbapple669 for being the Ring bearer, @Matt Chillas for playing music, @Aron73for being security, @AlwaysGamer for being the photographer, @Potatofor gathering food and drink, @K2U/ @YAKMOUTH for being the Bride of Honor and Best man, and so many other people that I don't have the brain capacity to name! Thank you all for coming, it went perfect the way it did.
  9. Link to the situation: N/A Discord DMs Any supporting evidence or notes: No Video or screenshots. Feedback: Just wanted to say a thanks to Lettuce for helping out by agreeing to be a big role in the upcoming Wedding event. She was super nice from the get go and answered all the questions I had regarding the event. She was quick to answer the questions I had and didn't mind the amount of questions I had ( It was a lot ). Even when she didn't have an answer to my question she went out of her way to ask another staff member for me. Suggestions for improvement: Keep doing you!
  10. Woody better bust down at the Wedding like

    punk rock dance GIF


  11. Hostilities are allowed at the Afterparty if you read closely. I've planned this for weeks on end and I want at least the Wedding portion to go the way it's planned. I am not restricting RP, the whole Wedding is going to be roleplayed. The walk down the middle, music, food, bartenders, taxi drivers, a limo, etc.. I hope you understand.
  12. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Two souls with but a single thought; Two hearts that beat as one From humble beginnings when they met for the first time on a fishing trip, to their romantic bond that is ever so strengthening, now comes the moment after a long awaited time to watch these two be bonded forev
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