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  1. Same here, me and my group have been spending at least 3 days now to find one pair of pliers since you cannot repair them, all I find are shovels, we have at least 15 Shovels now.
  2. Saw a car pass by Vybor going at least 80 MPH blasting some Russian EDM music, the only car I've seen in this whole week
  3. Long Term is definitely my style. I'm not a very busy person so dedicating most of my time to RP isn't a problem. Collecting different information and obtaining knowledge of not only specific groups but specific people is my favorite. The more people I go around and meet, the easier it is to communicate with them in the long term. For example, yesterday on my way to Vybor Military I bumped into a fella, after a bit of communicating we realized we knew each other from a different time we met a few days ago when I assisted him in Gorka. Because we already knew each other it was easy to create a trustworthy friendship. Collecting knowledge is key, I always write down the name of everyone I meet and a description of them to keep in case I run into them again. Know more people, gain more trust, have an overall better time role playing.
  4. I've played Livonia for a bit but overall i'd probably play Chernaraus more than Livonia. I feel like Livonia's vast forests and the distance between towns are just some challenges that players will face. When I played during the little timespan they gave us, I really did'nt find anything as interesting as Chernauras, sure the broken down buildings were cool but I think Livonia is better suited as an Arma map and not a DayZ one. Don't get me wrong though, its a beautiful map, its just not my piece of pie.
  5. Amazing read! I hope you make more man, Definitely my slice of cake
  6. Well, after being Kidnapped on the Main Highway and driven by some unknown men to a base to be sold as slaves to the Wolfgang, I met up with another kidnapped survivor @solopsistic. We were going to be sold as slaves but some fight broke out in the compound where were staying at and we managed to escape through an open gate. We teamed up and the Roleplay was top notch one of the best iv'e encountered to this date. We found our way to Vavilova and managed to gather enough pickings to head up to Basha to loot around. From there we made our way next to the Northwest walls down to the Southeast compound of the airfield, after looting a bit we stumbled across a woman and another guy, the woman was friendly but the guy we spotted had his gun out so to avoid trouble ,while he was in a barrack I demanded he put his weapon away by gunpoint, luckily he did and we were alright. We didn't rob him and simply chatted for a bit, made some new friends and went on our way. Me and @solopsistic then made our way to a little barn to rest and to end the day. Honestly, being kidnapped wasn't so bad in the long run. Thanks Human Traffickers!
  7. GunterThePenguin

    What inspires you to make your characters/RP them?

    When I made my character it was just out of the blue, the only thing I really researched was the lore to make sure it was accurate but overall the story I made for my character just created itself in-front of my eyes. No planning needed, whatever comes up, I write down,
  8. GunterThePenguin

    The Current Whitelist

    I was thinking about the idea of a Test if some sorts to test the newly whitelisted player on the knowledge of the rules. Although I guess it could be easily cheatable. Maybe a daily login question or something, these are just some of my ideas but it probably won’t prevent people from not looking into the rules more precisely
  9. This sounds very similar to my first interaction too, Good read. I suggest finding a group to join as its much easier to make situations like that in your favor. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your experience on the server
  10. I should've joined this Server a long time ago, but i'm glad I finally got around to it. I can't wait to have an actual decent experience in DayZ in quite awhile. I'll see you guys tomorrow on the server, thanks again to the DayZRP team and the community members for a quality server I can enjoy everyday!
  11. Anthony was born in a rural Nevada town in a farming family in 1991. His father, Richard Wayne was a drunkard, often leaving his wife and son to go drinking in the city until the sunset and came back up again. His mother Eliz, was Anthony's true caregiver, taking care of Anthony for all the time being. Seen as an angel to Anthony, his mother was the only thing to truly separate him from the ill-advised reality of his life. 2003, Anthony's 13th birthday was only 2 days away. Suddenly in a burst of rage, Anthony's father broke open the front door of the family house, stumbling with drunkenness and holding an empty bottle of Jager in his hand. Anthony's mother was the main target, blabbering in slurred speech and with no guidelines to control his actions, Anthony's father began to beat his wife until blood began dripping down his knuckles. Unknown to Richard, Anthony could hear the entire thing. In a fit of rage, Anthony opened his fathers closet, reached up as high as he could, and got hold of his fathers shotgun. Anthony stepped downstairs to find his father stumbling about, threatening to kill his mother. Anthony couldn't handle it, with sweat leaking from his finger, Anthony fired. A slug round shot straight through Richards heart, Anthony's eyes were closed the entire time and he knew it was all over when he heard the sound of a lifeless body collapse onto the hardwood floor. After court proceedings found Anthony's killing as self-defense, Anthony would carry on living on the farm with his mother. Anthony never went to High school, as there wasn't one in over 20 miles and since he needed to take care of his mother all alone. Anthony cared for the cattle, planted crops, and harvested them in his simple life for the next 5 years until he was 18 years old. Anthony moved to the closest city to him in order to pursue a better life for himself since he saw no future for himself on the farm anymore. He found a job as a retail worker in the mall in his city, in the same store worked another women by the name of Rose. Rose was a runaway, she fled from her family 4 years after being given Emancipation from the courts due to the child-abuse she endured from both her parents. Rose and Anthony fell into a loving relationship which would soon become a marriage. Rose brought into this world a baby girl with the help of Anthony, and so began their lives of parenthood. Although Anthony was a happy man, the little he made from his job would not be able to sustain his family for much longer, he knew this. So, at the age of 20 and in a desperate attempt, he signed up to join the U.S Army. The promises of wealth and benefits of joining sought his attention and he believed that with the money he earned from his service, he could possibly move with Rose and his daughter to a more hospitable place eastward in the land of the free. Anthony was sent to Fort Sadler, a boot camp east of Carson city. After basic training he was moved to the deployment department, where him and many other soldiers would wait until they are needed. Anthony came into a close call and almost received orders to be sent to Iraq to support incoming troops mobilizing into the region. Luckily the request was no-longer needed as another Squadron took his Squads place. Anthony was in and out bases all over Nevada whenever a transfer was needed, he never pursued combat as his goal, as he wanted to be alive to support his family in the upcoming years. After 6 years of Military work, Anthony had already gained the status of 09L Radio Communications Officer. His job was to report any and all data and mail to the head of the base. A simple job indeed, he was safe, free from being sent away and all he had to do was work 4 more years until you would receive his pensions. Unbeknownst to him, the next day would be the last day he would ever see or hear of his family. On July 17th, in an emergency order from the head General, any and all personal who had experience in combat within Fort Churchill was to be sent to Chernarus. Anthony was one of the unlucky souls, having completed boot camp years prior, he was deemed fit to be sent. The information Anthony had about why they were being sent over to assist was blurry, some of his Squadron members told of an intense civilian resistance within the country, while others said there was a mysterious outbreak of an unknown virus that needed to be contained. Anthony was no fighter, he realized how much his decision had backfired, and now he would risk life and limb for the future of his family. He never got to say goodbye to Rose, and Rose would never hear of Anthony's deployment. Anthony's Squadron would be sent Via NATO Helicopter to assist with the current deployment of military within the coastal city of Chernogorsk. They reached Chernogorsk on July 19th where Anthony and his Squadron were ordered to keep control of the massive civilian riots. It was around 10PM, and Anthony was denied radio communications to his family after leaving his post to assist an injured civilian prior to the request. A large radio broadcast played on every soldiers radio, heard by every U.S soldier within Chernogorsk. Before the broadcast was able to state what was happening, Anthony saw what was coming. Hundreds? No, Thousands of men, women, and children were invading the city, showing signs of burns, scars, and rotting tissue. The horde of civilians were ordered to halt but it was as if they could only grasp the simplest of evolutionary concepts, to kill. Bones exposed, hair falling off, and a pale skin tone, ignoring the injuries sustained as if they weren't even there. It was no use, one by one soldiers fell to the horde. Anthony stood in horror as he watched his beloved friends become nothing more than bloody entrails on the pavement. A retreat order was granted, and U.S soldiers were to evacuate Chernogorsk via NATO Helicopters on the coast. Soldiers began boarding and soon enough, most of the U.S troops had fled from the ravaged burning city. Little did the deployment of Helicopters know, they were missing a soul that was still alive. Anthony was still alive, having not heard the retreat order, he went AWOL, or so he believed. Having found an abandoned apartment on the 3rd floor of one of the complexes, he hid there for several hours not knowing the slightest of the situation outside. Groaning and screaming of the Infected could be heard through the paper thin walls, a large plane was overheard as well and a sudden crash which sent shivers through his spine. He curled up and hid under the dining table of the kitchen. Tears welled up in his eyes, his heart, racing, and adrenaline coursing through his veins like a child scared of the monster under their bed. Anthony didn't move, having sat in the same position for the next 2 days with no food, and with little to no water. After awhile it had began to go quiet outside, and Anthony knew he couldn't live any longer within the confined space of the run down apartment, and so he took a step outside for the first time in what felt like forever. Nothing, there was nothing. All life as he knew it had seemed to have disappeared. Anthony wandered the city in search of anything that he could carry. Grabbing as many bits and scraps of food as he could find, Anthony would now have to survive in the new world in which he would call home. Was Chernarus the only place that was affected? He did not know. All radio communications to the U.S troops were cut off, his radio buzzed silently as not a soul was there on the other side to hear him. To Anthony's surprise, the radio signaled usage on the next available channel. With what battery life remained, he turned on the next channel, a voice could be heard, that of a man who seemed to be very calm for the given situation. Anthony spoke with the man, who called himself Micheal. Micheal was another survivor, who explained to him the current state of matter. No, everyone was not dead as he thought, there were many other survivors out there looking for the means to survive. Micheal gave Anthony a rundown of what he knew, that Churnarus is a desolate landscape, but very much populated by a slim amount of survivors that seem to be unaffected by the outbreak. Anthony believed that if he truly was one that was unaffected, that he has a chance of getting to see his family again. And so began his journey, to travel the lands in the desperate attempt to fulfill his life in this new world and hopefully one day, see Rose and his daughter once again.
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