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"Wars are won in the mind before they can be won on the field"

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  1. GunterThePenguin

    Anthony's Journal

    A collection of photos, aesthetic and not, from various places around the country of Chernarus
  2. You might see me change my profile theme once in awhile, this one for the 1940s!

  3. *An Russian Armenian voice would speak* I'd pity you if you weren't calling yourselves a government entity. No government shall last long within these ruins of a country, I will not let it happen. To turn back foreigners of a decent you despise is not what a government would do, we live here whether you like it or not. Congrats on killing my hired gunman, I hope his last words soak into your soul. "Death to the Chernarussian Military!" was the last I heard on his radio before he made his attempt. More will come, because you will not create law. There will be no such thing as law. Only dignity, and respect, and quite frankly ever since the last time we met, I've lost all respect. *The radio goes silent*
  4. I love anything that's not a government entity
  5. An Armenian voice comes through the radio "Hehe, protection you call it? All I've seen being protected by your men is your men themselves. You can force a man to change his clothes, but you can't force him to change his mind, for there is a thin line between radicalism and terrorism..." The radio is cut off
  6. Especially tense for me when they saw my russian patch
  7. GunterThePenguin

    Wise Words

    Whoever this "Ghost" is, I appreciate the note you left behind.
  8. A landscape stricken with wars and attempts at Christian persecution from neighboring countries, Anthony Khachatryan was born in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, 1996. Anthony grew up in a family built off the foundations of the Armenikan party, a Libertarian group which attempted to turn Armenia into a full Libertarian state. Anthony's father, Azat, was one of the final members of this group ever since the founding of it in 1885. Armenia was already a democratic republic which gained independence in 1991, so Anthony saw his fathers attempts as a lost cause. Anthony's mother, Silva, on the other hand was a nurse, tasked with aiding in peacekeeping roles within the Armenian-Turkish border. Anthony was like any other child at that time, from an early age he was given rare opportunities to enter into private schooling and would be encouraged by his father to pursue education as well as attempt to pass down his grandfathers legacy. In a private elementary school in Armenia, Anthony had a chance to learn the English language, which not many other students could afford. Anthony's father at this point, gave up on his dreams to pursue Libertarianism within the Armenian government and grew to place all his income into Anthony's education. The year is 2004, and while Anthony is still naïve to the world around him, a struggle between the ACOJP ( Armenian Committee of Journalism Protection ) and the Armenian government resulted in violent protests across Armenia, including police and riot control taking on such protests with force. Riots pursued across multiple cities in the region of Armenia known as Ararat, this was also fueled by the secret release of a Turkish official hiding within the walls of the Turkish embassy. The government of Armenia was weakening a little everyday. Years passed, and with the Armenian government retaking control with a new head of power, the riots and protests soon cease to exist. It is now 2014, Anthony is a few days from turning 18, where his mandatory military basic training must commence. Anthony's father, now 56 years old, rests on his death bed after facing complications with lung cancer. There is no sign of Anthony's mother anymore, presumed dead after a rogue Anti-Christian Turkish militia bombed the hospital that she was stationed at. Despite this, Anthony managed to graduate from Yerevan State University and fully integrate himself with the English language. On Anthony's 18th birthday, the day he would be sent for basic training, Anthony would visit his father for one last time where he would pray with his father before his departure into the afterlife. Anthony closed the hospital room door, glancing at his father one last time, to then board the bus waiting outside for him. For what felt like years, Anthony awoke again and again. The same bunk over and over again. For what was only supposed to be 3 months of basic training turned into a 10 year contract for national deployment. Anthony was robbed of his life from the same government he lived under. A prison sentence in disguise, Anthony called it. The only thing Anthony could pursue was to be a higher ranking official, which he would succeed to do following a short deployment into Deer Isle, where he assisted Russian authorities to stop the spread of a small virus he knew nothing about. Anthony lied in his bunk bed thinking of what was to come next, maybe another deployment? Anthony had no idea what would come next. News in Armenia was rampant about the surge of a new virus, and the government of Armenia would try once again like they did in the past to suppress the knowledge of it in order to avoid mass hysteria. All that would be told to the Armenian people was that a Vaccine was to be created by a German Pharmaceutical company and be distributed to the public. Anthony however, who was still tied to his military contract, did not hear such news. All Anthony could view was documents left behind from his commander which wrote of how a pandemic was at a all time low, and that regions of Russia were beginning to reopen to the public. Before this, Anthony did not even know such a pandemic was taking place due to the restriction of news in Armenia. The Document listed January 1st as a reopening date, and Anthony saw this as an opportunity to escape from his contract by possibly posing as a foreign tourist. It would be months before something came up. Anthony however, did not get to come up with a plan. A governmental contract between two generals gave clearance to Armenian forces to assist institutionalizing martial law with Russian authorities in the region of South Zagoria. Anthony was lucky, or so he thought, to be picked with many other squadrons to assist South Zagorian forces. Anthony did not hear of any news about the pandemic in awhile, but it became clear to him that the reason for martial law was the pandemic itself. Anthony did not have a choice anymore, being sent with his squadron via plane to the region of South Zagoria. Anthony learned quickly from Russian authorities on what the pandemic has caused, including a case in the neighboring country of Livonia where people would turn aggressive towards anyone around them, including friends and family. It would be months of assistance before Anthony's squadron would be commanded to be sent back to Armenia to finish their contracts, which was now extended to 15 years due to a new leader in Armenia taking control of the military. Undenounced to Anthony's sergeant, Anthony was no where to be found. The last that Anthony's squadron saw of him was on June 4th, 2020, after his squadron saw Anthony drop his rifle and run off into the woods following a mission from Russian authorities to take control of Miroslav, a city that Russian authorities would later leave behind. Anthony's squadron members knew of Anthony's plan to avoid going back to Armenia and managed to keep it a secret until the right time had come. Due to the dangers of attempting to collect now A.W.O.L soldier Anthony, the Armenian general gave an order to send back all Armenian troops that were assisting Russian forces to come back to Armenia and leave Anthony behind to his own fate. Little is known on where Anthony might be. Some believed Anthony would end up as another infected or would end up meeting the wrong kinds of people that would give him a swift end. However, few reports coming from a city known as Berenzino report seeing a man that wore militaristic clothing attending a "Fight Night" event. Some even stated noticing a patch on his arm resembling the National Arms of Armenia logo. This however gave up no other leads onto what happened to Anthony after his escape from his contract. Ever since then, little was found out about what happened to Anthony, reports of a similar figure attending another "Fight Night" in Killeshandra also proved to provide no leads. After Oct 1st, when the Country of Chernarus was deemed a lost cause, the investigation into Anthony and his disappearance also faded. Anthony may still be out there, his correlation with any groups is unknown, or he could preside in the country as another survivor of the outbreak. Little else is known, we can only wish him the best of luck, if in fact, he is still alive.
  9. Same here, me and my group have been spending at least 3 days now to find one pair of pliers since you cannot repair them, all I find are shovels, we have at least 15 Shovels now.
  10. Saw a car pass by Vybor going at least 80 MPH blasting some Russian EDM music, the only car I've seen in this whole week ?
  11. Long Term is definitely my style. I'm not a very busy person so dedicating most of my time to RP isn't a problem. Collecting different information and obtaining knowledge of not only specific groups but specific people is my favorite. The more people I go around and meet, the easier it is to communicate with them in the long term. For example, yesterday on my way to Vybor Military I bumped into a fella, after a bit of communicating we realized we knew each other from a different time we met a few days ago when I assisted him in Gorka. Because we already knew each other it was easy to create a trustworthy friendship. Collecting knowledge is key, I always write down the name of everyone I meet and a description of them to keep in case I run into them again. Know more people, gain more trust, have an overall better time role playing.
  12. I've played Livonia for a bit but overall i'd probably play Chernaraus more than Livonia. I feel like Livonia's vast forests and the distance between towns are just some challenges that players will face. When I played during the little timespan they gave us, I really did'nt find anything as interesting as Chernauras, sure the broken down buildings were cool but I think Livonia is better suited as an Arma map and not a DayZ one. Don't get me wrong though, its a beautiful map, its just not my piece of pie.
  13. Amazing read! I hope you make more man, Definitely my slice of cake ?
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