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  1. Escaping the WolfGang castle when I got captured for slave labor awhile back, best escape of all time!
  2. Very wholesome roleplay with @SnorlaxRae today. Haven't went into such a intriguing conversation like that in a long time and now one of the very few people that know my characters' name!
  3. Description - The "BLT", also known as the "Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato" is a sandwich which includes the ingredients Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato. The Bacon of the BLT sandwich can consist of either a turkey or pork based meat thinly sliced into rectangular pieces which when cooked in oil, provide a crunchy satisfying meat. The lettuce of the BLT can use a variety of types, one which is most used would be the "IceBurg" lettuce, providing another savory crunch to the sandwich itself. Now for the tomato portion, one may like to indulge himself in the Roma tomatoes, or if he/she prefers a more sweet substitute, can instead use the more popular Cherry Tomatoes. Reasoning for liking the BLT - The BLT combines all the of best components of a sandwich and also dulls the sandwich itself into simple ingredients which are difficult to mess up. When looking forwards to a BLT, the main focus of the sandwich itself would be the Bacon. The bacon creates the slate for how I want the sandwich to be, it all depends whether I want my bacon to be crispy, juicy, pork, turkey, etc. The Lettuce and Tomato portion of the sandwich is very difficult to mess up as you can gather them at the nearest grocery store without much hesitation on which one will be the best for the sandwich. Pros - The BLT is a simple 3 Ingredient Sandwich which is difficult to mess up It provides necessary nutrients for the average human being The choice of bread and bacon can be interchanged easily Cons - The BLT is now known for its simplicity and many others could shame you for your simple choice The Tomatoes of the BLT can easily over sog the sandwich if too wet It does not taste as good when made by another person besides yourself Nutrient Data - Food energy (per serving) 352[1] kcal Nutritional value (per serving) Protein16.2[2] g Fat34[2] g Carbohydrate42.5[2] g Variations of the BLT - BLAT - Avocado, lime juice, sprouts (optional) BLAST - Avocado, shrimp BLTT - Smoked turkey, crumbled blue cheese (specialty of Tennessee) BLOFT - Caramelized onions, feta Salmon BLT - Seared salmon, topped with pesto mayonnaise Sources - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BLT https://www.carbmanager.com/food/blt-bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich with spread-136657131 https://www.spendwithpennies.com/how-to-make-the-perfect-blt/ https://www.eatthismuch.com/food/nutrition/blt-sandwich,175460/ https://www.nutritionix.com/i/nutritionix/blt-sandwich-1-serving/5605b05224a09c417543421a
  4. I wish more people understood this. The amount of times a week we get broken into and to find absolutely nothing taken is too much. Yes, I mean literally nothing taken sometimes. People expect our Warehouse to hoard a load of weapons and PVP gear but the most they find is half used sharpening stones and dried vegetables. Even groups which names I don't want to mention break into our place one day then show up the next pretending we didn't just catch them the other day. We now have to spend more time gathering resources to build our wall back up which could've been used for roleplay time. We spend a lot of time on maintaining our place to have good RP for any visitors, but what I notice from some of the new hostile groups is that they either don't create a base/hub or the one's they do create are poorly maintained as they are spending more time on random hostilities than keeping their place up and running. I definitely think the SMART goals need to be implemented more strictly at this point, it's too easy to make a group nowadays.
  5. As long as what is added is specifically hand picked to make sense for the server, as some parts of the mod adds unnecessary things I feel like. +1
  6. Work Reaction GIF

    Me spam clicking the join button whenever the server resets during RP

  7. Gonna have to go with the VSS on this one, Surprisingly underrated for how powerful of a round it shoots. That 9x39 Armor piecing hits hard, although the accuracy is a bit ehhhh...
  8. .380 for the PPsh and 9mm for the TT-33, makes the most sense and balances the weapons out. I'm pretty sure nobody would like to fight a full auto .357 or .45
  9. I really miss the Red-9 ( Aka: Mauser C96 ) from old DayZ Beta days. Simple and perfect in a roleplay perspective.
  10. GunterThePenguin

    Anthony's Journal

    A collection of photos, aesthetic and not, from various places around the country of Chernarus
  11. Another update on my Character page, Chapter III speaks of AWOL's experience in the evacuation to Namalsk! Chapter IV will speak of his time on Namalsk until the return back to Chernarus 😄

  12. I've always wanted to say this, but did'nt know how to. I understand characters having certain weapons that fit their character, such a a brute russian character carrying a PKP and wearing one of those big helmets, but when friendly hunter or lifetime fisherman are running around with FALS with drum mags it kinda gives the sense that people are focusing more on PVP than actual roleplay
  13. Wooden Makorov? That's all I needed to see +1
  14. Finally got to updating my character page with some better photos

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