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  1. Hoarding is bad because it removes the entire inventory management mechanic from the game. Setting up a base and stockpile should feel like an accomplishment, something you worked for. Not just slapping some wood storage down and filling it after a couple loot runs.
  2. I agree with this completely. I found it felt like i was beating a lifeless sack of meat. Most zombie interactions are 1 on 1 and if you are any good at all you will never get hit because the players attack speed is quite fast. So all the health increase did was was make zombies a monotonous inconvenience. I don't know how much freedom you have with editing the zombies but i would suggest trying to increase their sensitivity to sound and field of view. I feel the only strength they have is in their numbers. So if you could get more zombies to see/hear the player it would cause the player to fight off a small horde or retreat from the area and approach quietly. (not marathon running house to house for loot.) The temperature system works great in my opinion. I read a few people complaining their character was freezing while wearing sweater, jacket, ect. I'm going to take a wild guess and say this was at night. My guy was also freezing during the night. But if realism is what you are going for then it's not to far fetched. I hunt in real life and it don't matter how much you bundle up. Once that sun goes down in the dead of winter. The cold will creep though your layers and suck the life out of you. I found it engaging knowing i had to have the equipment for a fire or i wasn't going to make it though the night.
  3. Unfortunately i haven't been accepted yet. But I am #1 in the queue. So hopefully i will know soon!
  4. Hello DayZRP I'm looking forward to being accepted into this community. After completing my whitelist application I spent a good few hours flipping through the forums. A lot of members seem very passionate about this community. Which is a sign that this is something special. If any other newcomers are reading this I would strongly recommend reading through the solved report page https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/55-solved-reports/ It really helped me understand what is expected of me during my time in Chernarus. Even more than the rules page. Anyway I'm looking forward to some interesting interactions and learning how to role play effectively.
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