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  1. Born in 1960,Randall Clark is an american fishing boat captain and smuggler from Ukraine ,who in july 10 2017 decided to sail his crew and their families south through the black sea to Istanbul so they could escape into the Aegean On the 17th After reaching a port in Istanbul, Randall and his crew were fired upon by heavily armed soldiers.Randall lowered his old skiff to the water and used his fishing ship as cover as he began to row back out into the black sea while his crew attempted to fight through the mortar and gunfire. The skiff had a small engine that Mr.Clark managed to get running. Randall tried to make it to the city of samson but his engine gave out long before and he was caught in the biggest storm he had ever seen.His 40 years of sailing would be of use now.Mr Clark fought the storm as hard as he could But he knew that if he let exhaustion take him he'd be a dead man .After hours of struggling, Randall finally succumbed to exhaustion.The last thing he remembers seeing was a distant shoreline and a massive ship cracking like an egg. Haunted by his cowardice and half mad from days adrift in the unforgiving brine ,Mr Clark finds himself beached on the shore of chenarus in the present day.Randall is a 47 year old man who is stubborn and more than a little slow.
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