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  1. You could probably either place a support request or head over to the discord help desk. You can find those here: https://www.dayzrp.com/support/ https://www.dayzrp.com/discord/invite/join/
  2. Ahhh I see, I do not think you can delete the post yourself you may need to contact a member of staff and request the post to be closed I assume they have made posts un-delete able so they can have a record of your posts.
  3. you can edit the post and retype the whole thing ?
  4. sleeping bags would be a nice addition to the server, would make camps and settlements look a bit more realistic
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: we did not rob him for the sake of getting some quick roleplay in a robbery and we did leave him with the necessary items for survival. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I feel the verdict is unfair due to the fact we had left him with the necessary items to stay in good health and defend himself, it was his own choice to not pay attention and start following @pilo2345 continually asking for his bag back which I feel is pretty stupid considering we had just robbed him. I feel I/we should not be held accountable for his own mistakes which he made due to being a little bit salty about losing a backpack, he was left with guns that had no ammo which is pretty nice considering we could have just taken them all we also left him with food, water a few rags and a woodcutters axe which should be enough to keep yourself alive. The bad roleplay accusation is a bit unfair, we did not initiate a robbery just to rob him and give little to no roleplay. The whole time whilst the robbery took place I was giving it my best to make it an experience on both ends, I may have said "lets rob some fkn pussy" but I didn't want to initiate a robbery just for the sake of robbing someone I enjoy roleplaying and enjoy roleplaying a robbery I gave him good roleplay and shouldn't be told my roleplay was just for the sake of it. I may have combat logged and not waited the standard 30 mins after the robbery to leave but I take full responsibility for those actions but I still made sure the roleplay was up to standards even if the victim did not feel that I did. Another thing I will add is that the victim was very boring to roleplay with and gave us little to no enjoyment whilst it took place and even followed @pilo2345 after the robbery continually asking for his bag back. I feel like the victim was too heated about being robbed to even really care about roleplaying and or the value of his life being more concerned about getting his bag back than having a roleplay experience or even picking up the items that were left for him to defend and help him. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like the admins to rethink BadRP and Neglect but leave the combat logging verdict the same What could you have done better?: I suppose the only thing I can think of is putting the items in his inventory for him
  6. I have come to an understanding with the accused, we have talked privately and wish to close the report due to the whole situation being a bit of a misunderstanding.
  7. Server and location: Chernarus US, Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-11-26, 07:50 Your in game name: Robert Joseph Names of allies involved: Jett Bigler Name of suspect/s: Unknown killed me before any roleplay could really take place Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I died so couldn't really screenshot much, don't record. Detailed description of the events: So me and my friend Jett Bigler were at the airfield looking for people to recruit and searching for some people to kidnap (this is usually how we spend our time role playing as it gives a better experience than just robbing someone). After finding an Australian whose name I forgot we decided to recruit him into our little group and head to Vybor to find a target for our slavery, we came across a man who didn't give his name and we began role playing for a short moment talking about general things such as where he is headed or if he has any friends he replied telling us he had friends at the airfield and he was heading towards them now. I asked if he had a radio i could borrow to contact my friend he said "Dont try the radio trick it wont work on me!" and sprints away me and my 3 friends chase him asking why he thinks we playing tricks, after chasing him for a total of 3 seconds I yelled stop or ill shoot which I most likely wouldn't have as Id rather roleplay and have some fun than kill someone and end it there, after yelling stop he spun around pulled out his weapon and killed me and another person whilst we all had him at gunpoint. I feel this is fail of roleplay as he really played as if he had no value for his life and decided to attack, I would ask if you could find this player and help him understand that the server is role play based and is a lot more enjoyable when you attempt to role play rather than be a Rambo.
  8. We don't use discord or anything so giving ooc information is a challenge and I choose to use the //ooc direct chat to explain I had work in a moment (I admit the way I said lets rob some fkn pussy was a tad bit overboard), we had already planned to rob someone but we were messing around just role playing for a fair bit of time and I wanted to initiate the robbery soon so that I could at least have some fun before I had to depart. We set up a plan to lure an unexpected player to my campfire whilst my radio was on so my friends could know when to come out from hiding, we then came across "Jayce Miller" I proceeded to make him feel comfortable that I wasn't going to rob him exchanging a bit of conversation whilst giving a code word in to my radio without him knowing. I initiated to the robbery, we couldn't be kind about robbing him but I didn't do anything that would come across as too mean we also left you with your supplies that couldn't be used to harm us and when I took your ammunition I said to you "You understand why I have to take your ammunition and unload your weapons I am sorry and wish I could leave you with ammunition to protect yourself but we are in a military base and I believe you will find some more," you replied with a yes. We were told by our 3rd member that a man was approaching our area so we put Jayce inside one of the barracks while we figure out if they are related or part of the same group, I had decided to go to work a bit late at this point(dumb idea) so I could make this a good roleplaying experience and not just leave straight away but shortly after i continued to roleplay my boss called me and I needed to leave. We did not mean to cause your death, I do not know what took place after my leave but I had to depart before you were let go. I am sorry for my sudden leave during the situation I should have planned my real life a bit better and will try to do that next time.
  9. Desmond Dekker - The Israelites for sure, its funky like my character and has some lyrics I can relate to while trying to survive in the world ! ?
  11. I have found many magazines and bullets but no guns ? its all luck really on the other hand finding nails, gardening supplies etc is really a hard task to complete but its all in luck I don't think the developers should change the spawn rates. It would make everything way too easy for everyone and if everything was easy to find then everybody would have a base and be fully geared out too fast, put in the effort and you can reap the rewards. p.s The fact it takes a while to find the stuff your looking for does annoy me, but its manageable through trading or robberies! ?
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