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  1. Life had been good to Max Grimm. At the age of 33 he had established one of Norway's biggest dogfood companies "Dog Gourmet – Mæd dig Bikje mat", and even cooked at a little resaurant for dogs in Oslo. He had always had a love for food and an even bigger love for dogs. after 2 year as CEO he stepped down and focused soley on managing his restaurant "Bikje pærra (dog heaven)". Being an adopted orphan into a highclass family, Max had always felt the pressure to perform well. At tennis, polo,fox hunting on horsback, even in his days as a boy scout, Max’s father always made sure he strived for his goals. On his way to Asia, forfilling his lifelong dream of meeting his biological parents at the age of 37, Max Grimm sat waiting for his flight to refuel in Chernarus when they where ordered to fly back home by military officials. the flight was just about to take off, when a hoard of people stormed the airstrip running infront of the plain begging for escape. The pilot took evasive maneuvers to try not to not kill anyone, resulting in the plane crashing into a hangar wall destroying the landing gear. Max was evacuated together with his fellow travelers to a military base. Upon hearing the news about what had happened everyone understood that they would not be going anywhere. The base did not hold for long. about 2 week later, the base was overrun and Max had to escape with a group of people, trying their luck out in Chernarus. Wandering from town to town scavaging for food, many of Max’s new acquaintance broke down, died, or simply gave up. But not Max. With his 5 year as a boyscout, and his obsession with wildlife, hunting and trekking, Max found good use off the skills he had obtained over the years. Remaining ever dilligent, Max continues to struggle for survival in Chernarus' merciless wilderness.
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