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  1. Thank you! That was helpful!
  2. So if I understand you correctly you basically just send them a private message?
  3. Hey! For the hours I've been on this server I've come to understand alot of things about how people play on this server, but one thing I haven't figured out is how to correctly use the radio bord on the forums, for example. If someone in game tells me "go to this freq." and then writes PM *insert username* on radio board. How are you actually suppose to do this? Just tag the person? Or am I missing something? Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out here!
  4. daizchen

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Jan 2019]

    So, is the barricading in now? if so, how does that work? ?
  5. Hey, me and Jeremy came into vybor and found 2 people. we talked for a while when suddenly another guy turned up and we saw 2 other people like sneaking on us. we ignored it and walked further up the road where we saw 2 other people which were amalya and her friend jack. when we were standing there talking we could hear some shots go of in the town and moment after that Jeremy got shot in the arm. Jeremy told me in discord that he was taken care of by amalya and jack and i started to follow the first guys we were with into town. I then hesitated and i lost the sight of them. lonely i sneaked outside of town and saw 2 guys, one with a scull mask and one with a red and yellow mask. (i believe you can hear me in Jeremys extended recording, telling him i see them) the guys with the masks started shooting into town towards what i believed was our friend we met earlier, but because i was´nt sure this was the case, i simply hid and watched them from like 100 meters behind a shed. I then went back to Jeremy after the guys with the masks had disapeared into the industrial. From this point on my Geforce instant replay got captured, so i have footage too. (but its basically the same as jeremys since we were together after that). we followed amalya and jack up into the industrial because i said that the guys i saw with the masks shooting went there, I didnt see them again first but amalya and jack said they were inside the big industrial building and started shooting towards it. We approached telling them to come out with their hands up. The guy inside first said no and then stopped responding. I was on the other side of the building when amalya and Jeremy entered the building. But there were no shots fired, just screams telling him to lay down. i then entered the building and started to question who they shot at in town. which he at the moment said was false as you can see in Mutmans clip. Im the guy in white. basically as detailed as i can. unfortunitly my instant replay only saved 10 minutes back in time. so i dont have footage that they were shooting at something into town long before we actually found them. But since there was no zombies coming after them i just assumed they shot at the first guys we met in vybor, since they went that way like 3 minutes earlier.
  6. daizchen

    The brokeback hunter´s

    the adventure´s of Harry Andersson and Jeremy Gilbert
  7. daizchen


    he´s wearing a skirt!
  8. daizchen


    can´t go anywhere without the vodka
  9. daizchen


    When you get too hooked to the moment
  10. After the events in 2009, i thought it would be safe to travel to chernarus in 2017, i was wrong. my wife and i met at han early age. 2 years in to the relationship we found out we were expecting a daughter. this made my wife Cathrin certain we needed to move in to the city. until that i had been a country boy. my main hobby being hunting. our daughter was 5 when i left home to take a lone vacation in chernarus, i needed to get away. and i thought the scattered landside of chernarus would be a relaxing time for me. no big cities, just nature and some alone time. when the outbreak happend i was 1 day away from traveling back home. they said my flight had to wait due to "technical problems" i didnt have much choice. time went on and they started to evacuate people from the cities. i knew then something was seriously wrong. I hanged tight with a group of people i met at the hotel. due to english not being regurarly spoken we didnt have much choice. the group got smaller and smaller as time went on. in the end, it was only me and a guy called jake. the first time seeing an infected was horrifying. If jake wouldnt have been there i would be gone for sure. i didnt have time to react on what was going on, luckily he did. Jake and i lost eachother some time ago. we were scavaging a town when he never turned up at the said location. and since then ive been waiting in camp for him, i dont think hes coming back. but he was the last one i trusted, atleast with my family being gone forever...
  11. Hey, I just have a quick question. I used to be whitelisted with this account (i suppose) but it was maybe a year or more since i last played. now that i came back i saw that there were a new whitelisting, and i cant join the dayzrp server on SA. did the whitelist reset or is something wrong for me? thanks for any answer
  12. I just started playing the standalone rp, and the first thing that happens is that 2 guys just sprays me down when i enter a house. i dont know the names because theres no way to find out after now but just wanted to say that theres people killing on sight on the standalone. i understand if theres nothing you can do about it but be on your guard.
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