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  1. A bit to late, but better now then never! Thanks for The rescue mission couple days ago, @Saunders @R3d D3ad could not ask for a better A-team! *queue A-team theme-song*
  2. I agree with The point that its an honest mistake, and I feel like a bit of a jerk. But given how fast You made the call to just shoot me. Even tho i didnt even look in your direction, and did all I could to not even flinch, just so that it would be clear i did not want any trouble. And I still got killed in 2 seconds. I want to keep report up. I dont want to make enemies, i just feel like the lesson needs to be learned.
  3. Server and location: S1, Green mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-08-12 19:20 SERVER TIME Your in game name: Antatoli Volkov Names of allies involved: @Mr Fantastic Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Me and @Mr Fantastic were going towards green mountain when we found a base. after looking around for couple of minutes two guys showed up and started talking to us. i quickly realised they were probably gonna try something when they ask where my character is from. they start circling us and then i just hear shouting, saw one of the guys pull up his gun, I immediately holster my gun, but mid action i got shot, as you can see in my video i linked. Guessing since the adrenaline got so far up their head they didnt realize when my friend started shooting i was complying. But since me and @Mr Fantasticisnt in a group, they had no rights shooting me. and also gave me no time to clearly show my intentions, as i could not even hear what they said. Thank you.
  4. *Anatoli would listen to the radio messages going back and forth, making up his mind if he should answer, Not after Dr. flynn's messages did he make up his mind* *you would hear a russian accent with a friendly and nervous tone* "Hello Doctor River, My name is Anatoli volkov. You probably dont know me, or have ever heard of me. I am an acquaintance of Dr. flynn" "im no doctor, As in the papers. But i am a schooled medic and worked for the Russian army as a combat medic in the beggining of this" *he would take deep breath before continuing* "If needed, im good on the field. Helping those who cant make it to camps on their own. or just straight up need more urgent help. do svidaniya"
  5. Upbringing As normal as a childhood can be. Growing up on a farm outside of st. petersburg in the 90s is neither hard or easy. My parents worked full time on the farm, but my father was also working as a construction worker, trying to bring food for the whole family. Me? i just helped out how much i could, if there is one thing my parents taught me, its that nothing comes for free. and if you want something, you got to work for it. when i was 24 came out of school with a medical degree, after 3 years of specialising in surgery i was dragged into the military. Ofcourse i was not done with my degree, but you see things were hectic in the world. Arrival Chernarus They gave me a choice, either stay in Russia and do the best you can. or travel and help the Un medics in Chernarus. Me being the good person i am choose the latter. Do i regret it? maybe. When i got flewn in on 10th of june 2017 i knew things were no good. But i couldnt imagine this. The amount of blood in our camp, the amount of patients. its fucked, actually fucked. I was one of the medics being sent to Miroslavl, but I never made it. We stopped on the way to check on an abandoned fuel station. We got overrun and half the group took the car and drove off, leaving the other survivors behind, me being one of them ofcourse. I just ran, and when i finally found my way to miroslavl It was already too late, ofcourse the camp was still there. but the end was coming, I knew this. Me and another group of medics decided we should make a run for while we still could. This was the hardest decision ive ever made and here i am. Roaming around, trying my best to help the people i meet. The way here After traveling alone for a long time, I found Dr. Joseph flynn. I had never given up and after seeing what the world does to the people of south zagoria, i saw a hope when i heard the stories Dr. flynn told me. How the camp he stayed at got run over, how they escaped he and his brother, how he got dragged off you Russia and made his way back, still determined to fight for the survival of mankind. After that i promised myself to be as strong. No mather what would happen to me in the future, because life is worth fighting for.
  6. Background Not much is known about me. even for me, im a mystery. I grew up in the northern parts of the world, I know that because it's what people been telling me based of my accent. I was born, raised probably under normal circumstances. My first and only memory of my actual childhood was a normal sunday during the summer. My mother was bringing me too church, like most kids i was'nt a fan of sitting down listening to a preacher most of the day. I had a friend there tho, Jakob?anyways, we both tried making the best of church and Jakob signaled me to meet him at the restroom during one of the prayers. As my mother was to busy reading the bible i snuck away. I found Jakob and he was all excited, ah.. to be young again. Well, he wanted to show me something he found earlier that day. And he whipped it out, it was a small pocket knife. Nothing special, not even that sharp. But he was all giggly about it, after he showed it of for a while he gave it to me, and this is where my memory goes blurry. From what i can remember is that i had seen a movie earlier, and got inspired i suppose? I did'nt think it would kill him, how could i know? I was a child. Turns out, a knife straight in the throat was'nt that healthy, even for a young boy. And that's when it started. The Hunger I remember the hunger i felt all those years. But back then it was easier controlling it, So easy that i actually got released from my "home". I didnt even know how long iv'e been in there then. But out i was and that terrified me, what was i suppose to do? Nobody picked me up, for god knows what reason. The only thing i can think about is how hungry i am! I tried everything, it was not until i "happend" upon a dead man the smell took control. That time it was just a bit of flesh, but for the first time in years i didnt feel any hunger. It just progressed after this, got worse and worse. It even got to the point that ofcourse i got caught again. But this time, they told me i wouldnt be released. The isolation fuck do i know how much time had passed? where i was, why im here? All i know is I AM HUNGRY and i cant stop it. Voices has started in the back of my head. They tell me stuff like, how i could easily and grab and bite a chunk of that guards arm right now, or how i should try eating myself to see if it helps. which it dont, okey? i tried. Ahh, the voices... They're not that bad after all. If you think about it, they're as close to friends an isolated man can come. I can still control them, they're just there you know... like the fucking frosting on top cake, telling me how to stop the hunger. The escape Things started going on, me and the other prisoners were noticing that. One night, it just got dark. and empty, didnt take long for some inmates to escape. As there were no guards anymore, who could stop them? I dont remember much of the escape. I remember flesh eating men, water, swimming and tiredness. I was so tired i didnt even think about my hunger, or did i solve that problem? I dont know. now im here, writing on this piece of paper no man will ever read, or for that matter care about. Im just trying to survive man... and a cure for my demons ofcourse, The demons that haunt my head.
  7. *Harry listens to the radio messages in suspens, before he could decide what to say he hears Guenthers second transmission and then presses the PTT yelling* "GUENTHER you stupid idiot, had me worried. *after a short pause and with a calmer voice* " I'm coming too you, I would flip you off when I find you. BUT SOMEONE TOOK MY FUCKING FINGER!" "See you soon friend" *Harry releases the PTT*
  8. Harry Andersson perspective Me and my group (previously mentioned) moved into novaya petrovka and Max @MintiMintnesssaw a car approaching, he started talking too them while i was sneaking around. I could hear they talking shit too max and calling our group nazis and other bad things. I was then found by 2 of the other group and went with them and started talking. after a while charlie (who we had an encounter with earlier) an his friend started blaming us for doing bad things towards charlie because he was black. At this moment Guenther had joined us, and we denied the accusations. Thats when they initiated on us all of the sudden. Max raised his gun and got shot, Guenther on the other hand did not raise his gun but got shot anyway but survived. Me and guenther got led first to the red house where they stripped me off my gear except clothes and then they took us too the barn, after a bit of fun torture RP and some quiestioning they brought guenther into the barn and started interrogatin him, they then asked if they could keep punching him after he talked back, and he said yes. after that they hit him a couple of times, Guenther playing along. and then the other guy just straight up shot him for no reason. at that moment i didnt catch that he got shot, but i felt the panic in them as they just rushed to get out of there, leaving me without saying where they put my backpack and without making sure i had enough food and drinks on me. link too video evidence: side note, i am aware i logged out too quickly after the encounter, i got rushed and wanted to upload the video so i had it ready when the report was made. when i realized my mistake i logged on again, im sorry about that. Stupid of me
  9. *Harry starts giggling listening the the radio messages* "First adressing the man in question. It's funny too hear your voice george, you didnt say much while we were having our little "play time", except for the wimping and crying when the doctor marked you ofcourse. which as i told you, were only done so that we wouldnt forget you if you ever needed our help" *harry releases the PTT and gets quite for a moment thinking, then presses the PTT and with a serious tone* "to the Gangster hero friend of yours, I would suggest you stay out of this, But im sure we'll meet one day if you dont" *Harry releases the PTT*
  10. *Harry listens to the radio and chuckles to himself, then presses the PTT* *you hear a slurring nordic accent* "Funny, a man offers protection. and is met by betrayal. If we find you, that mark is coming off. *he pauses* "and i can assure you that removing it is more painful than receiving it" *harry looks and the ground and then takes a swig from the vodka bottle* "also remember, It's not just the doctor you should be afraid off" *He releases the PTT and continuous skinning the animal infront of him*
  11. So if I understand you correctly you basically just send them a private message?
  12. Hey! For the hours I've been on this server I've come to understand alot of things about how people play on this server, but one thing I haven't figured out is how to correctly use the radio bord on the forums, for example. If someone in game tells me "go to this freq." and then writes PM *insert username* on radio board. How are you actually suppose to do this? Just tag the person? Or am I missing something? Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out here!
  13. Hey, me and Jeremy came into vybor and found 2 people. we talked for a while when suddenly another guy turned up and we saw 2 other people like sneaking on us. we ignored it and walked further up the road where we saw 2 other people which were amalya and her friend jack. when we were standing there talking we could hear some shots go of in the town and moment after that Jeremy got shot in the arm. Jeremy told me in discord that he was taken care of by amalya and jack and i started to follow the first guys we were with into town. I then hesitated and i lost the sight of them. lonely i sneaked outside of town and saw 2 guys, one with a scull mask and one with a red and yellow mask. (i believe you can hear me in Jeremys extended recording, telling him i see them) the guys with the masks started shooting into town towards what i believed was our friend we met earlier, but because i was´nt sure this was the case, i simply hid and watched them from like 100 meters behind a shed. I then went back to Jeremy after the guys with the masks had disapeared into the industrial. From this point on my Geforce instant replay got captured, so i have footage too. (but its basically the same as jeremys since we were together after that). we followed amalya and jack up into the industrial because i said that the guys i saw with the masks shooting went there, I didnt see them again first but amalya and jack said they were inside the big industrial building and started shooting towards it. We approached telling them to come out with their hands up. The guy inside first said no and then stopped responding. I was on the other side of the building when amalya and Jeremy entered the building. But there were no shots fired, just screams telling him to lay down. i then entered the building and started to question who they shot at in town. which he at the moment said was false as you can see in Mutmans clip. Im the guy in white. basically as detailed as i can. unfortunitly my instant replay only saved 10 minutes back in time. so i dont have footage that they were shooting at something into town long before we actually found them. But since there was no zombies coming after them i just assumed they shot at the first guys we met in vybor, since they went that way like 3 minutes earlier.
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