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  1. People talking about vikings not fitting aren't exactly right, the Kievan Rus were "vikings" of Slavic descent. It'd be cool if they'd add the mod "The Ranch" as it has some very cultist/ritual type clothing attire that would fit awesome as well as axe weapons!
  2. You're not the only one, I had to drag my vest into a barrel over 50 times before it took. Meanwhile on Livonia everything runs great and the only glitch that carried across from Chernarus is the invisible car panels
  3. Just played some Livonia last night and I have to say the zombie damage increase is REALLY not needed on that map. The zombie density is extremely high compared to Chernarus and there's simply no way to loot some places unless you have an M249. Me and my two friends got stuck in a prison with a hoard of easily 30 zombies. Normally, no big deal, we have a Skorpion, Glock, and Izh rifle. Except it takes FIVE headshots with the skorpion to down one zed, two glock shots, and atleast two izh shots. That is just plain and utter ridiculous with the amount of the zombies on Livonia. Please consider altering the damage and health values down, atleast on Livonia. Currently between the rain and the T-1000 super zombies its a bit harder than hard mode
  5. Mmm, no, you didn't hear anyone because nobody was at the base. I already said I was the one who put the mine down and I was online that whole afternoon. Those of us who were online at the time were in discord and there wasn't anybody there. Yes, obviously they despawn on restart. You came to our base during prime play hours of the server, if there was an in-between-restarts period you guys would have it a mine it would be then. Idk about anyone else being in their streams but I wasn't, I don't watch twitch to be completely honest with you, I don't even really get why it's that popular but that's another conversation. Also the day you came to talk to Daegon the first thing you did was run inside our unlocked and already pilfered base to rummage through our things.
  6. I laid that landmine and one of our newest members put the FU WP. We weren't metagaming bud, we knew your next raid was imminent after you guys came to speak to Daegon a day before. You're Wolfpack, you raid, we know that and so do you so we figured we would leave you guys a lil cheeky message. Nobody is watching your guys streams lmao. I'll reiterate, do you guys just assume anything that happens to you guys while streaming is sniping?
  7. Agreed, the ultimate goal is to have GOOD rp with a diverse cast of characters and have fun.
  8. A group of 3 of us started to disengage and run away while a few snipers stayed. As we were on our way across the fields toward the main road we sprayed suppressing fire at their base.
  9. There is evidence in the damage log of Daegon being punched and falling. Is there a log of you getting punched by Daegon? @Conor After the engagement had already begun I took a few potshots at a sniper on the roof, toward the end of the engagement a few of us just opened fire on the base as an intimidation tactic rather than intending on hitting someone.
  10. -User was cautioned for this post-
  11. Group forum threads aren't the place to discuss (flame) people. -User was warned for this section of their post- Edit: Also, just to clarify, we didn't meta game you the other day. You've been harassing us consistently so we started putting down mines. I put that one down. And you claimed that we logged off after placing it, I never logged off. I was on the whole afternoon after placing it, I just wasn't near our base Are you going to claim every time something happens while you're streaming it's someone sniping you? Lol
  12. I fired a handful of suppressing shots through the engagement but I didn't make contact, nor did I get hit. In truth I think there may have been more groups in the area than just us, as Daegon said there were shots very near in the woods around us that weren't from our group
  13. I was one of the men on overwatch in the hills surrounding their base.
  14. Our leader Daegon wanted to go to the Wolfpack base to speak with them about ending hostilities, but figured things might go badly so he had us set up a perimiter around their base. Daegon entered alone while we set up overwatch, and after their talks concluded we saw Daegon limping out of the base and even pass out from his bloodloss. Once Daegon was retrieved by one of our men we found out he was beaten by the people inside the base and we began an assault. We had no intention of raiding, only some moderate revenge for what they had done to our leader and their past aggressions. After we retaliated and had killed a few people (and they had killed a few of ours) we pulled back and retreated. Daegon told us that he was beaten by the people inside the base, none of us on overwatch had direct eyes on him so we had no eye-witness confirmation of what had transpired but given Daegons past interactions with Wolfpack a beating doesn't seem very out of the ordinary
  15. Daegon approached to talk to you guys and when we saw him exiting your base he was limping and beaten. Assaulting our leader when he comes for good faith talks is initiation..?
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