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  1. @Carved Actually having somone joining you in playing as a "chained zombie" seems like awesome RP (who didn't go OMFG awesome after seeing that in TWD?)! Could create some interesting questions aswell. Such as will it be considered hostile to kill "your" zombie? (Considering the killer know the RP ofc) Anyways, sorry for bringing it off-topic:)
  2. Aswell as a copilot that can play VOIP music Give some respone ppl! Tought polls were like "have to push something"
  3. Still need that plane tough At the quiver and drinking A stewardess would be welcome
  4. AFA going live tonight. Lets hope I can get that AN-2
  5. Short and simple: TOR (Since just after I joined and untill now)
  6. *A poster is stapled at the entrance of the quiver bar* Freelance pilot looking for work. Summary: 2 yrs in Botswana. 2 yrs hauling cargo in Irak. Can fly pretty much everything fixed wing. Yes, even the piece of crap fuel hungry Antonov-2. Got a plane and no pilot you trust? You can find me at the quiver or reach me at 118.80 on a radio. If I look drunk, bring some coffe. Your welcome to fly with AFA. Apocalypse Fucking Airways. Arne "AC" Christianson //Really want to try something new RP wise, and this char is what might be the start of a bad mouthed bad tempered bushpilot. He is useless at pretty much everything except flying stuff and fixing flying stuff. Not the best people skills, but he will get you there safely. I plan to realistically RP a pilot and will only fly first person with realistic approaches etc. Hopefully people can actually help me get the plane if they like the RP// Feel free to add suggestions
  7. Nice tip, will check it altough it is most likely going to be a Dell Laptop.
  8. Hey I am going to order a laptop for my new job, and would like some pc-builder feedback. Basically I am trying to get a balance between raw power, and not having extremely overpriced components. (For instance a 3gHz 4th gen i-7 is close to 1000$ more expensive than a 4th.gen 2.7gHz i-7 ) I will need loads of RAM and CPU power for simulations and a decent videocard for computational fluid mechanics postprocessing. Basically it seems like I am landing at something like this: 4th gen Intel-core i-7 2.7gHz NVIDIA® Quadro® K2100M w/2GB GDDR5 (About the same as consumer GT-750M) 16 or 32Gb DDR3 ram depending on budget 128 or 256Gb SSD depending on budget Then I am contemplating "sacrificing" the CD/DVD rom for a 1Tb disk with 32Gb flash memory and using a external dvd rom when needed. Good idea? Any ideas/suggestions?
  9. And remove 3rd person not only on helis, but planes aswell!!!
  10. So never. Aight. You think ninja would let me get away with that? Or me? Anyways, thread has served it's purpose for me. Feel free to close. (Unless ppl want to continue the discussion)
  11. Thanks for replies. Got that it was not "secret" after a while (Still wasted quite a bit of time looking for them though ) (And it seems I was not the only one) Really looking forward to reworked vehicle park! /Thread
  12. Apologies for the derail. +Stuff I think the intention was to keep everyone on a level playing field for a short while after the wipe. Tamaster has also said that they are looking at a 'revamp'. So their reintroduction may be delayed. I'm not sure why there was no announcement, it was never a secret though. Rolle has mentioned it a few times in various threads. I have learnt that, and I totally agree with a revamp. Going to talk to Tamaster about it. My main issue is just that sometimes when stuff are removed "temporarily" it might be gone for a long while and this was done even though the community just voted them to stay.
  13. What Muntz said ^ This is not intended as a discussion on if they should be here. Community has said (and says) yes. And therefore, why are they removed by staff unannounced only to be added "Soon" despite community just voting them to stay?
  14. Have you read the above posts? I think alot of us can agree that the abuse outweighs the RP. Roleplay should always come first over anything, hence Roleplay over Ruleplay. You can say "I guess that is because you meet them in a firefights?". But that doesnt matter. Its the other stuff too. Disadvantages: - Loot Hoarders - OP In battles - Easy to find Crashsites - Easy to find Camps - Cant be outrun (Most of the time) - Too Loud Advantages: - It looks cool flying over. See what I mean? I definitely do. (And please don't ask me to read my own thread) This has been up and voted for numerous times. Loot hoarders has always been a problem, and always will be. As for firefights I halfway agree with you and do feel the chopper spawns need an overhaul. (But a LB for instance is completely useless in a firefight and really easily taken down by small arms, same with the bell (from epoch) etc). Camp "farming" and especialy destroying is a reportable offence. If you feel that helis destroys RP and is only used to farm high end stuff for "bandit clans" you should get a lift with me or WingedNinja IG before you say that again. /Meta /edit And back on OP, this is not a discussion on if we should have helis, this is a discussion on why they where removed un-announced.
  15. I have. I have also spent 2 weeks looking for them thinking they are already fixed and hidden. I trust the staff and devs, but feel that this should have been announced (at least). And I do believe they will come back, I just hope it is not "Soon™".
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