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  1. My name is Aaron Zeal. I am from the USA but I woke up in this mental health facility that i was admitted to based on the red flag laws that were implemented in my town for gun ownership. When i came to i realized that the staff was not around, but the place was trashed, blood, guts, dead bodies here and there. Then i finally found someone hunched over in the corner, i recognize him and he is the guy from down the wing that is always talking about the rapture. I walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder and he screeched like he was an animal and hungry! He turned around looking like the walking plague, he chases me trying to eat me. I found a broken chair and used that to kill him. What is going on, i have to get home and find her, My wife. All i wanted to do was defend myself and my wife, and the only way you can do that is with that iron on your hip, although that was always my last option. While she is gone i can do everything in my power to make sure everyone has the ability and option to defend and feed themselves through my gun running but i can not sell to the ones that want to harm others. Gun running was always a fruitful business in the old world with its cons and it can be the same now more than ever. My gun running brought me here and there but i guess ill stay in the Chernarus, After all i was told that there are guns everywhere here, And that they are.
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