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  1. He was a farmer from an area just outside this one. A family farm passed down through the generations that he ran with his Mum, Dad and Brother. He loved the quiet life until one day there was a break in on the farm and both his parents were killed. He never truly recovered from this and was in and out of hospitals as a result for many years. The brother did what he could to hold down the farm and look after him but it started to take its tole on him too. It was while he was in hospital for a short stay that the outbreak started. One day he woke to find everyone was gone and his meds were wearing off so he headed back home. Once back to the family farm he found it to be overrun with Zeds, but his brother was still alive, though barely, hiding out on the hay loft. Clearly shaken and in a bad way we got each other back to something like normal, existing on the supplies that he had gathered. But as they started to dwindle they both realized they could no longer stay. Taking what small amount of food and water they had left, one morning they woke early and started to walk .....
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