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  1. Born on 12/19/93 in Houston texas. Kenneth was a rowdy type he always got into fights at schools and consequently was expelled from most of them. He moved house to house after his parents died in a car crash back in 2005. Five years later he was thrown out of his grandparents because of an incident that may or may not have been his fault, he dropped out of school a month later. Forced into the streets Kenneth fell in with a local gang, a family that took him in when nobody else would. As part of his initiation into this gang he would have to rob a house the gang has been casing for a while. Eager to be apart of something he accepted. But the robbery went wrong and Kenneth was shot. He laid there motionless on the tile watching his so called family members, his friends run away and leave him. Paramedics arrived on scene thirteen minutes later just enough time to save him. After two months of recovery Kenneth was sentenced to a year in Juvie. While locked up he met a guard named David who he felt akin to instantly, maybe because Kenneth felt like he had truly no one in the world after he was abandoned or maybe it was that David was different than most of the adults in Kenneth's life. David listened to what he had to say. When Kenneth was released David saw a chance to help a boy go back on the path of good so he adopted him. Kenneth felt like he was on the path of redemption so he finished school and went off to college to get a bachelor's degree in criminology. When Kenneth graduated Uni in 2016 he decided to join the US Army to pay off his school tuition. He was stationed in a NATO base in Turkey when his battalion was called to help decrease turmoil in a country across the Green Sea called Chernarus. July 17th 2017 was when his boots touched ground in Chernogorsk, he thought this would be a boring assignment, he was proven wrong. Riots broke out in the city so Kenneth's battalion got the order to retreat to prevent loss of human life but on the way out that's when he saw them. Rabid men and women foaming from the mouth, they seemed inhuman, and they stopped for nothing not even a bullet. Kenneth ran with what was left of his companions to a run down industrial complex. They were in there for what seemed like hours, but there was no way to tell until the sun went down. Lying and waiting for any word from the main fleet is when Kenneth heard a faint whisper of feet shuffling through grass, it grew louder and grew louder until it became a thundering roar of footsteps. As soon as the sound of grass shuffling turned into the stomps on concrete is when the screaming started. Kenneth was alone among the sounds of screams and gunfire, it brought him back to the moment of him bleeding on the tile of that house feeling helpless. He ran up to an opening on the second floor and leaped. He landed in the field just below rolling his ankle but to pumped up on adrenaline to care. Kenneth ran, he ran until his legs started to ache and burn and his ankle throbbing with pain then he ran some more. Finally collapsing at a beach he looked over the sea wondering when somebody would help him, then he was blinded. A bright light broke out of the darkness and a deafening roar followed. Kenneth didn't understand what was happening, But then it clicked. He was alone truly alone, that every breath from here out was going to be a struggle, and that he was going to have to fight to stay alive.
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