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  1. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    My reaction when I heard a 10 year old girl was sick and I went looking for medicine though minus all the zombie I pissed off
  2. Kovar's Market

    Hey guys Looking forward to meeting you all Vartax was a pretty smooth talker and got me to join hahahaha Ill be seeing you all soon
  3. Night time on the server

    I like how it is now but with the times i msnage to play well i pretty much live in the night when its night here.....imersive over 1000!! A good quote comes to mind for me In bane voice "Oh so you think darkness is your friend. I was born in it. Molded by it"
  4. The voice of chernarus

    Well the way I was thinking of doing it was having a new channel on the ts similar to Ic channels but the difference would be that only the radio hosts and any guests would have talk power so that they will be the only ones able to talk or play any songs, recorded interviews, stories or messages from groups. (sound can be played by using a sound board. The Rp part will come into it as the person will also be ingame at a chosen radio tower or "station". and they can have people come up to him and chat to him too (rough idea)
  5. The voice of chernarus

    Hmmmmmmm well did they have a running broadcast say music? or just stories of the people? current news and rumors? etc etc Im just getting a feel for what happened before Yeah I understand where you are coming from here back when I use to play (cant even remember how long ago it was) everybody kept trying to have green mountain and say they are fixing the radio station etc. I was also thinking about it cause a new lore wipe and because its still so early on
  6. The voice of chernarus

    So just an idea that popped into my head i know the power is turned off and all but would if you had the personal and found a location which can be used to rp it have a working radio station....... How it would work -person who is the host sits an a ts room where only he can talk and uses a sound board to play music, can also play msgs and tell news -or a bot which switchs through songs and recorded msgs Inspired by radios from fallout Thoughts?
  7. VDV drunk practice

    .....................I honestly have no words 0.0
  8. The farm [open frequency]

    scratching his head Kadin digs into his pocket and holds two bullets and starts to scan the back of them Hmmmmmm I aint too good with this gun related stuff but It says on the back of the bullet .308 I think that's the kind.... Oh is it now could be a good place to start trading I might have to make a trip in a few days then. Releasing the button kadin then pauses and looks at his rifle before emptying a bullet out and nodding once he sees what kind it is
  9. The farm [open frequency]

    scratching his chin kadin begins to think then presses his transmit I may move further south eventually as I hear there is a market down there could be good to trade my goods down there. I may need a hand sometime in the future for that. as for supplies I don't need much right now. Ammunition to keep those damn infected off the farm will help though Kadin ends the transmission
  10. The farm [open frequency]

    nodding Kadin picks up his radio and starts to transmit I ain't too fussed if you took some food carver, I know how tough it is at the moment and as long as you pay me back then its all fine, I may even have some work here and there for you if yer ever interested. releasing the transmit button Kadin starts to pack up his camp
  11. The farm [open frequency]

    Kadin hearing his radio going off stops and leans against a tree taking out his radio Good too hear from you and hopefully Ill be around for when you and your boys swing by, I may even have stuff to trade or work for you releasing the button Kadin begins his trek again and back towards the farm
  12. The farm [open frequency]

    While placing some wood into the fire Kaiden hears Angus's broadcast and wait for it to finish. When Angus finishes his broadcast Kaiden picks up his radio and starts to talk Will do hope to talk to you soon Angus Ending his radio transmission Kaiden sits back by the fire
  13. The farm [open frequency]

    hearing the transmission coming out of his radio Kadin puts out his cigarette and then presses the transmit button Well Angus for a start it just a place run by a normal guy who like most people just wants a place to stay every now and then or just for the night on their travels. I'm offering a that place and also a chance to help build it. We got food here and I got all kind of goods to trade. I'm doing this cause I've spent a good part of my life traveling and I know its hard on people and with the way things are now some people just need a rest. Releasing the transmit button Kadin looks at the night and mutters about getting the fire started
  14. The farm [open frequency]

    Kadin walks into the barn and leans the hoe he's holding against the wall and then sits down, After thinking for abit he signs and picks up the radio next to him Hey there, my name is Kadin Earl and Im tired of traveling from one place to the other so Im settling down here near zelen and if your hungry, tired or just want to put your feet up then come and stop by I can also do with a hand cause this world aint gonna rebuild itself and we need food to do that. Contact me on this frequency of just stop by Kadin then puts the radio down and checks his sidearm just in case it attracts the wrong attention
  15. Kaiden's journey

    Follow as Kaiden's journey is captured and displayed all that can and hopefully tell his story before the light goes out