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  1. *Mild Static* What you saying my drillas ladbroke grove is now back and in full swing anyone setting to build up a shop or a business come down and schedule a meeting. If you somewhere to stay that is safe come down and rent a building of us. Have a nice day see you guys around any questions feel free to respond. *static ends*
  2. Would just want the meta gone i can see why the admins pushed for the badrp even though there wasn't footage of the whole situation.
  3. Looks good lore looks good. Good luck ! //Approved
  4. BIg Up Ladbroke Grove massive !

  5. Your favourite Pub is back ! 

    Brexit means exit!




  6. like details like the quarantine tent in front of the hospital. and the church for people who lost family members ect. Seeing as you have over 10+ active members and that Lore makes sense and this place will help you complete more goals im going to approve this Settlement. //Approved
  7. Good settlement. Makes sense for IC reasons and Lore is good looking forward to see it in game. Good luck ! //Approved
  8. Havent ran into this group yet think its S2 either way have heard your rp is good and unique. Good Luck with the group and hope to see you in game and rp.
  9. Like the Idea of the group. Good luck and hopefully see in game soon
  10. Like the fact i was on whisper and wouldn't be able to hear me talking over comms and wispier is 7 meters distance. Without even knowing what person i was in the video how do they know i was even in it? However saying that couldn't hear me talk and in game means i was less or 7 meters away from the OP at all times of the video to make it meta gaming however this simply isnt the case nor it is true either. Not sure many of the staff know that you can whisper on dayz (said on help desk). So i would like to know how you can base me meta gaming when i wasn't in whisper distance for 95% of the video nor did the staff knew who i was in the video to say that i meta game.
  11. Requesting to close the report talked to @MADGodMarc and have resolved things over discord.
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