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  1. Lucas Ossas

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    12/10 RP . Meta gaming ?
  2. Lucas Ossas

    Pub Berezino

    Lad Broke Grove Owners: @Truzzy123 @[email protected]
  3. Lucas Ossas

    Pub Berezino

  4. Lucas Ossas


    Not sure bruv
  5. Lucas Ossas

    The Samaritans [Open Recruitment]

    Cheers mate have you checked out the pub Cheers mate nice to hear you like are place. Hopefully see you guys soon again
  6. Lucas Ossas


    Nah my g this is quite a while ago
  7. Lucas Ossas

    Mod suggestions

  8. Lucas Ossas

    Upcoming new mods

    @Roland is this still happening ?
  9. Lucas Ossas

    Should Remove Last played

    Think its nice to be on your profile dont get me wrong. However should have have the option so u can have it so only followers can see just in case people want that.
  10. Lucas Ossas

    Should Remove Last played

    Well Roland just moves it off the profiles not a hard thing to do.
  11. Lucas Ossas

    Lucas Adventures

  12. Lucas Ossas

    Lucas Advantages

    Enjoy !!
  13. Lucas Ossas

    Should Remove Last played

    Think this should be removed of accounts I've heard other people have been using this to find out if a group is online etc to offline raid groups think there is no reason for why people that are not staff to see this. Also maybe adding a option on your account to make it so only people you follow can see it will help.
  14. Lucas Ossas

    Suggestions: Craftable Makeshift Explosives

    This would be good for the server. Also they could be able to make raiding a lot harder if they make it that u need c4 to raid. Also think it will bring a lot more rp to the server. Also would agree fully with this as talking to some people and they have nothing to do as no one uses land mines because they reset at restart. So adding more explosives will help indeed.
  15. Lucas Ossas

    Leather Crafting Mod(s)

    Like the idea of this miss the ability to do this in game. Gave more reason to go out on hunting trips and look for pelt ect.
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