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  1. Hey @khaleesi Welcome (back) to the world of DayzRP!
  2. @Jackfish You've done it again. You're a great content creator and managed to give me goosebumps all around.
  3. Honestly, I really like this. It feels like Squad. 100% +1 from me.
  4. Hello pal! I hope you'll feel right back where you belong pal! Welcome back!
  5. Ah this is stunning artwork, reminds me of the world war propaganda.Great effort.
  6. This is great! Looking forward to this
  7. I head a great encounter with this group today, keep up guys.
  8. @HarveyLR You're doing a great job leading the RAC!
  9. Ah this is so great. Really love the outlook of the group and the RP I've received.
  10. You’re correct, Big moderator Dupe below?
  11. For future reference, this is a great guide made by @Mademoiselle which has helped me create a profile picture straight from youtube videos.
  12. ezgif-5-5d5818515b89.gif.6e50a247a3d89bf15ba50db20f1cf5e0.gif


    1. Duke


      he is so brilliant here tom hardy GIF

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