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  1. I like it, especially the underground bunker. //Approved
  2. Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce a suggestion, focused on the plate carrier holster slot that would allow for some customization to the plate carrier, allow an option for the user to self customize the carrier with some text that could add to the flavour of a uniform instead of an extra pouch in that slot. Would like to hear your opinions on this all. Example:
  3. Big congratulations to newly promoted operators. Private First Class > Corporal - Eciek Numenor, @Eciek Private Second Class > Private First Class - John William Maclellan, @Jetsom Private Third Class > Private Second Class: Scott Bowling, @Mr Frosties Private Third Class > Private Second Class: Romulus King, @Romulus Welcome to our newest operator: Private Josey Wales, @Hootenater Congratulations Taskforce: 66 on completing the following goals: Train 5 Soldiers and hand them their beret after completing their training [Day: 1000 | 5 Completed] (This objective will expand to 10/15/20 upon completion) We will now be moving on to 10 as our next threshold. Keep an eye on the thread! More changes to come after all.. We're slowly moving away from the corrupt Lieutenant as @Esthy_97's case against the Taskforce it's command builds and builds with evidence.. Will this shake up the NATO group?
  4. there's too much hostile roleplay that resolves to a gunfire way too quick, maybe it's the setting we're currently in that affects the type of roleplay on the server? But this, personally see this abused; finding ways to start gunfights and target groups to potentially get their entire group wiped.
  5. I would love to see a buff to the ammo types lower than 5.45x39 - PvPing with a Pistol or a Submachine gun in CQC is a wet dream of mine.
  6. That was the most satisfying one tap I've ever seen.
  7. Not only the Steyr AUG, we need more NATO weapons.
  8. Try hopping into Helpdesk on the Discord!
  9. Whos down to start a cowboy group with me?
  10. I'm strongly off opinion that you pick a location with a character/group and stuck to it. It makes no sense logically to cross 4 different countries to get to another country; would Livonia be next to Chernarus? Then I could see it happening but when there's literally so much countries in between, with all of them their own problems like Livonia/Chernarus then I feel realistically speaking there shouldn't even be any traveling at all. With the exception of: Operation Yggdrasil, who's sole focus was to getting the fuck out of the country. Why of all the directions you can head to; head specifically to Livonia/Chernarus when so little of you are natives to that country?
  11. The static noise of the radio is interrupted as the voice of the Lieutenant came through. This is a message to ALCON; after learning of the rumors of the Corporation's transgressions against humanity, Taskforce: 66 no longer wishes to see itself as an ally to the Corporation; we stand firmly behind our decision and with the help of the famous bandit hunterstm have come to the realisation we were doing everything against our nature to help the citizens of Livonia. Thank you for opening our eyes. The static noise of the radio returns to its usual state.
  12. Hello why are we here? I don't understand. 

    1. Conor


      It's one of life's great mysteries isn't it? Why are we here?
      I mean, are we the product of some cosmic coincidence, or is there really a God watching everything? You know, with a plan for us and stuff.
      I don't know, man, but it keeps me up at night.

    2. Hofer


      I am famous

  13. Took you long enough to get approved; Daniel you better get this rig rolling! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
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