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  1. Emmet was born and raised in Spearfish, South Dakota, USA. His father, David Limehouse, was a local farmer and his mother Mary Limehouse owned the local general store in town. They were humble people who taught Emmet the values of hard work, he was shown how to tend crops by his father and how to care for people by his mother. Overall his childhood was the one most people wish for good friends, good family and good times… However just after Emmets 25th birthday the world would begin to deteriorate, Emmet heard the news of the Chernorussian civil war while on his fishing boat, he thought nothing of it at the time but in the following years his life would take a turn for the worse. By 2020 Emmet was beginning to be worried for his family’s safety, food and water were becoming harder to come by it was a struggle just to get the necessities to keep his family going. One day Emmet was returning back to the farm house from a ration run when he saw a figure wondering through the field outside the farm house. He walked over to the high grassed field, as he got closer he realised it was his father David wondering aimlessly through the red grass, his mouth covered in blood and his arm broken with bone poking through his flesh. Emmet dropped to his knees, he knew it was the virus it had taken his father he wept as his father wondered away from his disappearing over the horizon. He walked down the drive to his farmhouse, when he opened the screen door he saw what remained of his mother Mary, she had been ripped open he face was slumped on the wooden floor with her intestines hanging out of her like a dead animal. Emmet closed the screen door and left the farm, never to return… Emmet joined up with a local group in town, they all decided Limehouse was a better name than Emmet, Emmet didn’t mind he just wanted to survive. But like most things that group didn’t last, Emmet lost count over the years how many groups he’d been apart of, but then years into the apocalypse Emmet found a group in The Great Swamps of New Orleans, he helped out there fishing and trading where he could. He heard of a place called Nyheim, many people talked about it, they said it was a fresh start a new beginning. Emmet needed that all the death and destruction he’d seen he thought it was worth a shot, he left with a small group and arrived there in time. He got separated from them as they were shot at as they arrived, Emmet didn’t care though the people he was with were baggage, he wanted a new start. Maybe he will get one…
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