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  1. Born to a small impoverished family in post-WW2 Germany much is unknown of Murkoff's childhood. His father was abusive and often would beat Murkoff and his mother. When he was 12 his mother ran away and fled to America to escape him. He was almost silent throughout his school years, taking no enjoyment from socializing with others. He graduated high school top of his class and earned himself an all paid scholarship to Harvard University. Majoring in Psychology, his classmates were surprised by his impressive test scores despite his apathy for others, especially around him. At the age of 26 Werner graduated with a doctorate in Psychology. He quickly found work as a psychologist for a local prison where he worked for 2 years, and where he was approached by a government official working for the CIA. He asked Murkoff if he would like to work for the CIA in a new study nicknamed: MKULTRA. His work helped him unlock the inner workings of the human mind, and how to exploit them. When project MKULTRA was cancelled and shuffled away into filing cabinets in some CIA office his work never truly stopped. In 1979 he was sent to Chernarus, where he continued his experiments in Zofiówka Sanatorium.
  2. Roleplaying as somebody who doesn't care around a big bad machine gun makes not only fighting humans ineffective, but ZOMBIES as well. The two shots to kill is insane when coming from pistols that have say, 8 rounds in the chamber (1911). When melee is even more effective than just quickly tapping a zombie in the head with .45 there is something seriously wrong with the balancing of the low-tier rounds. +1 EDIT: Also, it increasing weapon variety among players, currently in the game their is a caste system of players of those who can PVP and those who can't, and it all depends on if you have an automatic rifle or not, because sub machine guns are absolutely useless.
  3. Nope, as long as you don't make your character dead on the forums you can still come back after dying ingame, although you will have to forget everything leaving up to your death unless specified by those who killed you or somebody tells you the events, I hope you have fun on the server! It's truly a different experience.
  4. Welp there goes us moving our groups RP to Chernarus.
  5. *an aged german voice is heard through the PTT* "You are not very good at your job my freund." *the PTT button is released*
  6. This was the most unexpected forum post to stumble upon! I wish you good luck and I can't wait to see what you put out!
  7. *a creepy monotone voice comes through the static* "H-Hello? Who is this? D-do you want to meet the good doctor?" *shuffling is heard over the PTT as it is handed over to someone else and an aged german voice is heard* "Daniel, get zis radio out of my face, I am conducting important research! Go play vith ze other patients and leave ze good doctor to his verk." "B-But the radio doctor, I think it was for you." "Anyzing comes over ze radio and you lose it! I do not have time to entertain your mad speculations Patient #00341! Now, let me attend to the syn-" *the radio abruptly cuts out as the PTT button is let go*
  8. vanon02

    Creepy bastards

    You don't want to meet meeeeeee??? you do and you don't even know it yet
  9. I would fucking love this as an event, imagine the first group to tag the fucking monster? Or even better make it unkillable and have that tiny sliver of the map be a danger to anybody who steps foot in it!
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