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  1. I would like to thank everyone who left us feedback, and RP. Thank you to the community, admins and everyone to making it happen. On that note, please archive this group!
  2. that would just make us be playing a really crappy version of Arma 3 Life wouldn't it?
  3. Sorry to bother you more but the only things listed are "bans and blacklist appeals" and "questions and inquires"
  4. ah wrong area, thanks! psst hey where do I find premium issues to submit the support ticket
  5. Hello! So I bought a diamond subscription for the new lore wipe and decided to not renew it at the ending of the month. Instead of being given the proper rank for the amount I paid I was put back down as a white name The summer sale coincides with the ending of my subscription which would have made it gold which I believe is what caused the issue? Thank you!
  6. it's a really good disguise cover though, you'd be surprised how sneaky you can be when people think you are American CIA Delta Squad SAS Infantry Grunt Soldier #504 stereotype with nothing else behind it
  7. Kinda late to the party, but here is The Rosenhan Experiment teaser!
  8. hot old man in cowboy flips off mute police officer on video [GONE CRAZY] [GONE SEXY]
  9. With the corona going around my new mic doesn't come in till the 5th.


    Jeff Bezos will pay.

    gun middle finger GIF

  10. *a raspy german voice is heard over the radio* "Guten Morgen South Zagoria." *there is a pause as the sound of something being poured into a large glass is heard, followed by a exhale of happiness* "Let me introduce myself to those who do not know me, I am The Good Doctor. Until now I have made my public availability.." *he pauses as another sip is heard* "Difficult." "This frequency is open for any and all people of Chernarus who wish to make contact or request help from The Good Doctor and his patients, we are here to help you, I wouldn't be named The Good Doctor if I wasn't my freunds." *a hollow chuckle is heard as the transmission ends*
  11. Why would you be scared of us Mia? We aren't crazy or anything like that smh Thanks man! Congrats on your group as well!
  12. Literally everybody is centered around the RP hubs, which makes it so hard to kidnap people like fr
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