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  1. A Hunting trip gone wrong. A young man from Cullman, Alabama won a Hunting trip to a region that was somewhere to be in Russia, when news broke out of the dead rising. His ship was off the harbor for sometime., due to the disappearance of a lot of the ships crewmen. After many suicides on his ship, lack of food, and water. Things started getting worse and worse. No radio communication was possible on land. Many set out to get to shore and seek help. After days had gone by, hunger had sat in. Ramsey decided to jump ship and swim to shore in any possible way. Seeking help, food, water, or anything. What he was about to learn seemed to be the worse mans nightmare.
  2. I had to do a lot of resetting but Finally figured it out. Thank yall again.
  3. I tried that and reset my keybinds. What is the key to chat in game?
  4. So long story short. My mic on three different headsets don't work on y'alls server. So now everyone thinks I am a mute. XD
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