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  1. 2017 - In late 2017 my husband's grandmother broke her leg doing chores on her farm in Livonia. It was a family decision that we could go take care of her. As both of us worked from home we could not only help her but still be able to work. 2018 - during the first infection we were still in Livonia. We were instructed to stay indoors, wear masks and keep ourselves at a distance from others. Luckily we were on a farm and over the weeks doing chores we had learnt to grow crops, tend to the animals and had plenty of milk and eggs. The farm near to us was a livestock farm and we often traded fresh produce for meat. We had a large stock of water so we had everything we needed, then everything went back to normal. We decided staying in Livonia to take care of Grandma was for the best. 2020 - when the second infection hit we were naturally confused and heard reports of people killing each other. One day myself and Bob needed to get medicines for grandma and we didn’t feel safe going out on our own. We locked down the house the best we could and told her to keep quiet and stay in the basement until we came home. When we got home however, all the doors were open, we cautiously checked out the house to find grandma. There was blood everywhere. We walked down to the basement calling out for her. When we reached the bottom stairs we saw one of the crazy people eating her. Luckily Bob had become handy with a gun and reacted fast and killed it. We ran to grandma but it was too late. I put the pistol to her head and shot. We burned the dead bodies and now we are here alone. We don’t know what this new world will bring but we know we cannot do it alone
  2. Where to start with these guys: As a member of the Samaritans I am sad to see you guys kicked from us. Lucas did a hell of a lot and apparently that was forgotten by some. However, what you guys have created down at the pub is nothing short of incredible. I am beyond impressed by what I saw yesterday in the way of structures. I can't wait to see the end result. Now the roleplay. Again impressed. I met old friends down there and some of the new members to the group. Not a bad word can be said. We all talked. Some emotional about what happened and some fun and joking. In my eyes it was a great balance between serious and fun. They gave me the spark and excitement to get back into it. I hope we can work together and create some interesting stories. See you again soon guys & girls.
  3. My POV: went there with 2 guys. sorry not sure how to spell the name of the other group that was already there. One was working on breaking down the wall on the side of the building closest to the bridge. To enter the base. I initiated on the guy in the building who from what I can remember did not respond. The 2 guys I came with also initiated before me. I went to the concrete looking building opposite the front gate. When everyone decided it would be faster to hacksaw through. I don’t believe they had hacksaws as myself and someone else provided them. I’m not sure how much of the side wall was taken down as I stayed in my spot. People not sure names were hacking at the gate while others RP’ed and kept look out. Other friends of ours showed up. Someone else from the base had ‘woken up’ shots were fired, smoke grandes thrown people killed. One from their side can’t remember how many from ours. The last guy in the base decided to surrender. That’s when he came out and I was RP’ing with him and a few others (quite fun and rather good RP to be honest) He didn’t let us know there was a land mine in the base and some people stepped on it and died. i however stayed outside during this. I didn’t enter to loot. Once the RP was done and the second guy had been killed I had to log off (had Christmas dinner to prepare)
  4. Nothing but great RP and fun times with these guys! Although they did scare my toe nails off when first seeing them! I can’t wait to see where the story will go!
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