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  1. MarnieMo0

    Grief Report S1

    My POV: went there with 2 guys. sorry not sure how to spell the name of the other group that was already there. One was working on breaking down the wall on the side of the building closest to the bridge. To enter the base. I initiated on the guy in the building who from what I can remember did not respond. The 2 guys I came with also initiated before me. I went to the concrete looking building opposite the front gate. When everyone decided it would be faster to hacksaw through. I don’t believe they had hacksaws as myself and someone else provided them. I’m not sure how much of the side wall was taken down as I stayed in my spot. People not sure names were hacking at the gate while others RP’ed and kept look out. Other friends of ours showed up. Someone else from the base had ‘woken up’ shots were fired, smoke grandes thrown people killed. One from their side can’t remember how many from ours. The last guy in the base decided to surrender. That’s when he came out and I was RP’ing with him and a few others (quite fun and rather good RP to be honest) He didn’t let us know there was a land mine in the base and some people stepped on it and died. i however stayed outside during this. I didn’t enter to loot. Once the RP was done and the second guy had been killed I had to log off (had Christmas dinner to prepare)
  2. MarnieMo0

    Praetorian Guard

    Nothing but great RP and fun times with these guys! Although they did scare my toe nails off when first seeing them! I can’t wait to see where the story will go!
  3. Before the outbreak I lived and worked in England nothing special just stacking shelves in a local supermarket. I soon met my online love. He lived in Sweden and we often visited each other. Just before the outbreak I was visiting him. We would cocoon ourselves for the few short weeks we would have together. World War 3 could have broke out and we wouldn't have known. And it did. Desperate to get in contact with Bobs family in Ukraine, his mother had gone to visit his grandmother a few weeks earlier, we struggled to get hold of either of them. His fear would soon be realised. Bob had an aunt who lived in Chernarus and he knew his mother would try to get to her. This is where our true journey began. As we was gathering up and ready to head out the outbreak started to reach other countries and we feared this journey was going to be much harder then we expected. We travelled from Sweden to Denmark, then on to Germany and Poland seeing nothing but the fast downward spiral of our planet. From Poland we went on foot, hopping from barns to houses, where ever we could find shelter for the night. I don't know how I survived. I wouldn't have if it wasn't for Bob. After what seemed like years we reached his family's farm to find nothing. No life or death. We had to keep our hope that his family was still alive. I wanted to wait for them to come back but he needed to find some answers. And so we moved on. We pushed and fought our way into Chernarus. The devastation here was far worse than we had already seen. As we turned a corner we soon became over run. We got separated and now I not only search for his family but I search for him. I am struggling to stay alive. I can only fight one at a time. I am alone and I need him.
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