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  1. Scarecroww

    S1:BadRP/Possible RDM In Stary Sobor - (UTC): 2019-11-10 - ~10:10

  2. Scarecroww

    S1:BadRP/Possible RDM In Stary Sobor - (UTC): 2019-11-10 - ~10:10

    i disagree like i said from what i said in my pov we where raiding the base so i feel that it was not breaking rule 4.4 and i disagree about the little to no role play part as in my friend was engaging with with you constantly giving you things to do. we didn’t kill you until you actually made a run for it in which we have a right to then kill you. am i wrong?
  3. Scarecroww

    S1:BadRP/Possible RDM In Stary Sobor - (UTC): 2019-11-10 - ~10:10

    @Voodooalso i get memory leaks so i can ensure you that i did not Combat log i just had to restart my dayz.
  4. Scarecroww

    S1:BadRP/Possible RDM In Stary Sobor - (UTC): 2019-11-10 - ~10:10

    Hello this is scare, So here is my pov @Voodoo. So that person that held you up in the base was my friend. i was actually up in the hills over looking, his name is johnny. but here is how it went down. So Johnny here was holding this guy up and we gave him instructions or else he would die because we where initiating a raid on his base which was not said in the video for it is too short. that video doesnt get everything that happened but what we did was we got his guns and threw them over the wall and then my friend went to go get a hacksaw. When i saw the gun jump down and run away at the end the end of the video he obviously didnt follow our instructions so i was going to kill him. I could only see that black guys foot and i thought no one else was in the base but the green arm band guy so i shot thinking it was him. I didnt know more people rolled up.
  5. My character was Born into a military family and raised in the cold harsh environment of Alaska where he was taught many things from survival techniques to how to shoot and hunt his own prey. he lived there until the age of 21. Before the outbreak he was a Spotter and Sniper in the United States Marines Corps that loved his country and would serve for it to death, When he first heard about the outbreak in Cherno he volunteered to be one of the first ones on the scene. When his assigned task force got there they couldn't believe there eyes of what they where seeing. Shortly after arriving they where overcome by the amount of Infected and before Steven McMillan knew it he was the only survivor left due to his keen survival skills. It has been a long time since the initial start of the outbreak and He has been trying his best to get into contact with other survivors. By now he has grown quite accustomed to the harsh environment of Cherno and has witnessed many things that no man should ever have to see.
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