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  1. Thanks C-j. I apologize for ruining your experience on this occasion. I will aim to do better the next time we meet .
  2. POV: I logged into dayz to find myself in the middle of a hostile situation. One of the attackers (player A) attempted to RP with all players in the area with a comment something similar to "If you come out with your arms up you will not be harmed". My response was something along the lines of "I am the best PVP player in dayz" (how embarrassing). I will say that i clearly failed to RP here and "Player A" called my failure out in RP chat. I then realized my mistake and made a poor attempt to correct the situation with saying i meant assassin. Finally realizing that i had monumentally messed up the RP i decided to remain quiet. Then the raid continued as normal. I would like to say that i made a genuine mistake, i am new to RP and this was my real first hostile situation within RP. I joined this community stating that i was new to RP and would do my best not to break the rules of the server and i stand by that. I do believe i am doing my best to RP, i just messed up here. I think this statement "I would not normally report a mistake such as badRP but this clearly was not a mistake, no attempt to roleplay." is a really unfair one. I did not role-play correctly and that i will admit but to suggest that i did this on purpose to ruin the experience for all involved is a completely unfounded statement. I would ask the OP to reserve judgment on this until they have at least given me a chance to explain myself. If the OP would like to talk with me regarding this situation i would be happy to be given the opportunity to explain myself in depth and id hope they would see that this was a genuine mistake. p.s You can contact me on the discord as jwoww.
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