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  1. \Marshall wattson brother of jack wattson. native to the British isles. wanted aspiring to join the S,A,S since high school. after high school immediately join the British army and rising through the ranks of the army being sent to the middle east and getting a few tours under my belt till getting noticed by my superiors. after going through the S.A.S training i was sent to cherno as the second wave of NATO forces to aid the Russian defense and to try and find my brother alive or dead. during the defense we got overran by infected, retreating to the country side and getting robbed by bandits for my military grade gear need to try and find my brother who is a police officer and try to survive together and make it through this. having extensive military training and combat experience i feel like i am prepared for any challenge that comes my way, although the difference between a human combatant that wants to perverse their safety and a mindless reanimated corpse is vast. although i believe i am ready to find my brother, dead or alive.
  2. swed2011

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    did any western countries send aid in the form of military force or other such help?
  3. im trying to join the server because im friend recommended i should join. when i link my steam it says that i dont have 10 hours when i have 12 hours and i dont know how to fix this, should i spend more time on dayz or just get
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