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  1. I really like this idea, I've been thinking of starting to stream but I'm scared someone will see the code and metagame in to our base. But when you use a code lock they can't stream snipe because all the stream would see is ****
  2. Rakesh was born on a nice big farm in the city of New Delhi, India. Ever since a child Rakesh family has been preparing for his survival in the future. It all started with farming. Rakesh father taught him how to use animals to get food aswell as fur, his mother was the person who taught him how to sew clothes, he's become quite the expert on wool clothes from all the sheep they have back home. Rakesh grandmother was always out in the heat growing curry plants, crops aswell as other food such as potatoes and wheat and just by watching, Rakesh could pick up quite the experience on growing said crops. Curry has always been his favorite crop to grow. He just loves to take care of the plants. To nurture and water, to pluck and to expand. As Rakesh got older he got more and more responsibilities as he was assigned the head of sales within the family. At this point is where the family business really sprints off and takes a huge leap. He begins by knocking door selling these curry packets to his neighbors, friends and strangers who shortly became his customers. This is when he realised the potential he had. He kept at it for a few months and suddenly after waking up one morning he receives a call. Some government official had seen the medical properties in the secret ingredient he uses in his curry and orders 500 kilos of curry. The export destination was Livonia. Rakesh hops in his vehicle and sets off towards Livonia. After many hours of driving and sitting on a boat he arrives. The government official meets him on the dock Rakesh arrived on, and picks him up. After a long drive and talking with the gov. official he realizes that the curry wont be used for something not so special, after a quick look around in the dense forests around the main roads he sees exactly what the curry is intended to treat. Rakesh unknowingly, has created some sort of immune barrier that blocks the infected from spreading the contagion. Sadly it only seemed to work for those whom have a special chemical in the membrane that directly combines with the ingredient in his curry. Everything goes south. Rakesh is unable to get back home to India from Livonia and he is forced to put his survival skills to the test. At the same time he has a doctor with a PHD by his side that is actively testing the active components in his curry, in attempt & hope of finding a cure. Hopefully an airborne one.
  3. Húng Lao was born and raised in a small town in Vietnam called Hung Yen. He's always been a funny, energetic, humoristic person who believes in karma and has high faith for humanity. Despite his rough childhood due to being an orphan, he still had his loving and caring older brother Sum Ting Wong by his side. He's always been a kind of guardian angel for Hung, always protecting him from the bullying teenagers in high school. Things were different back then. Hung was only a teenager, a lot has happened since those days. Hung got split up with his brother during his work trip to Chernarus. It was at this moment that Hung realized; being a reporter was the worst mistake he could've ever made. Hung arrives in Chernarus with high hopes of the new promotion he was promised if he got some good footage of what was going on over in Chernarus. What he didn't know, was that this would possibly be the last time he would see his brother. The day after Hung arrives to Chernarus all remaining flights were canceled. Hung's plane was one of the last planes to land in Chernarus before the outbreak started to spread massively. Ever since the outbreak Hung has been staying on the run, moving from town to town and from coast to coast looting, scavenging, staying clear from people; being afraid of getting attacked by the infected. He hasn't really seen any living people, or civilisation for months now. All he has been running into is the dead.
  4. POV of Buk: We see three people approaching us with firearms in the distance, they seem non-hostile and I decide to approach them aswell, we begin talking. They seem friendly & noble. I introduce myself and chat with them for a little bit, then something happens while I had my headset off (I had to prioritize something IRL really fast). I see people start aiming guns and people taking cover and moving away from eachother, from this point I am confused as to what was going on, so I start to move to cover aswell. At this point I put my headset back on because something intense was about to, or had already gone down. Right as I put my headset back on I just hear people shooting, coming from both ways. I am not sure who started the fight, but I did see the cavaliers kill one of my own. I loop around the place and stay in cover for a minute or two, because my character was scared and confused. When the gunshots calm down I go back close to the area of the incident to see exactly what happened. What I can see are two of the people we were talking to, lying there on the floor; hurt. Since the area might still be dangerous and I was unsure who the culprid was, I decide not to attempt the use of the medical training my fellow doctor Ruby has trained me in. I start moving back as I hear a single footstep coming from somewhere. This is where I run into one of the cavaliers and shots start going off. My heart jumped when I saw him right infront of me and Buk Lau just started spraying everywhere, in hopes of survival. This was not the case. Buk Lau falls and the opponent lives. I used to be a voice actor and whenever I have done the asian accent people always say I sound like a guy called Buk Lau. I haven't really given much thought to it, but I have used the name Buk Lau for several years now whenever I am playing an asian character ever since I got that nickname. I saw the video you linked, and I know you are not allowed to copy a real life person, so if I do have to change the name for my character, I can. But it would be a shame as I have used the name for a long time, its a sort of nostalgia for me. Thank you // Pepsi also known as Buk Lau
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: "@Not Pepsi, @PopPop, & @Drtots, the behavior the three of you exhibited in this encounter is absolutely unacceptable. When robbing someone, you can absolutely not require them to strip all of their clothes off just to search through their belongings." We did not strip him naked just to search his belongings, we stripped him naked because he was a chernorussian and this is exactly what they did when they kidnapped me the day before. "Additionally, while we recognize your effort to leave him a hatchet and you are not required to leave your hostage with a firearm, a hatchet isn't much use against a pack of infected or wolves, both of which are prominent in the area of the robbery." This is a lie, we were very close to Kamensk and in this screenshot you can see that he's very much closer to the city than he is to ANY wolves spawn. We are at the small green square 500meters from Kamensk and not in the actual military compound. And in this screenshot you can see that there are absolutely NO wolves spawns in the direction he was running in the video. If he kept running the same way he was in the video after we left, he would reach Kamensk, and like it shows in the next screenshot after this proves that there are no wolves surrounding him like he said happened. The link below isn't posting as a picture for some reason, so don't forget to click it. imgur.com/GXMKK0f I believe this ban was unjustified since the main reason I got banned was for him supposedly having no chances of survival, and that he supposedly got surrounded by wolves. Because he did have high chances of survival. He was right next to a pretty decently big town called Kamensk, and he was much closer to that city than he was to the alleged wolves that he said he got surrounded by, yet theres no evidence of them ever being there. I find it weird how since he was recording, why he couldn't post atleast a picture of the wolves being around. Would make pretty good evidence for a report, no? I made sure to drop him some food, which supposedly did not show up for him We were decently close to the area even after the robbery just incase his chernorussian friends would show up after we left. We heard absolutely no howling at all. He had shoes on when we left and looking at the video, you can't hear any howling either. In the video you can see him run towards the city Kamensk, where there surely was enough food and water for him to survive a few more days, then make a turn into the forest. You can also see in the video that he was not hungry, nor thirsty (I agree we did not know this, and we did not ask, but we did drop him some just incase he was) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: He left out several minutes of the hostage situation in the video, only recording ~5 minutes when it actually was alot more than 5 minutes of us talking to him. His attitude was very hostile and quite frankly hurting my ears with the screaming he was doing. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: An unban, I will take the warning points since I agree we should've made sure he actually got the food, but I didn't come to think that the Dayz mechanics would make the food vanish into the floor, so thats something I will definitely be looking out for in the future. What could you have done better?: I could have made sure he actually got the food and water we dropped, and double checked that the game didn't steal it from him. We could have had more interactive roleplay, but we were all really paranoid that his friends, the chernorussians were on the way over, which is why I was crouched below the windows a big majority of the time. We could have forced him further away from the area that we held him up in, but I wasn't sure how much time we would have before his chernorussian friends would arrive and start sniping us, as every time I've ran into a chernorussian they have literally NEVER been alone. We could have controlled his attitude a little more than we did, as it was not any fun roleplay from his side of the monitor either. First time, every time and last time I got robbed I've been very compliant, scared for my life and have kept from insulting the hostage takers, as it would probably end in me being shot or injured. This is something he did not do. If he valued his life and tried to actually play a good hostage then it could've been more fun on his side aswell as ours. We could have took him to the nearest town and forced him inside a building where we could be free from the paranoia of his friends showing up, which would end in more extended and in depth roleplay Sometimes RP doesn't always go the way you want it to, and it's a mistake I made not checking that you actually got the nutrients I dropped, which I am going to do in the future. I am fairly new to the server and that was the 2nd guy we've kidnapped, the first time we kidnapped someone it was both fun and immersive on both sides of the monitor, and I could tell both sides enjoyed it. Thank you for taking your time to review my unban appeal. I apologize on my end to Arnost aswell, since the paranoia made the RP shorter than it could've been if we were to take you someplace else. // Simon a.ka Randall
  6. I am 100% sure I left you with food, it should've been with the lootpile that was on the floor. I honestly have no clue what happened as I left a can of bacon and peaches with you. I am confused. Did it despawn/glitch into floor or did you not see it?
  7. Not sure what I am being reported for, we didn't take any food nor water, as we already had too much of that to carry. We did take your AK47 aswell as your Glock, just so you couldn't follow us and try and pull something on us, we weren't sure if your friends were coming or not. I made sure you had enough food to survive, and im sure you can survive without weapons, as I have done the same thing before.
  8. Anne and Sam were the first two females to have a baby without the need of penis penetration. Anne and Sam are childhood friends. They both met in Alabama, USA give or take ~50years ago. They were both confused about their sexuality in their teens, and started experimenting with kissing eachother in their late teens. This was very frowned upon by their parents and everybody else around; so they decided to elope. They got married in Chernogorsk, Chernarus. Not in a church, not in a chapel but on the beach. A very nice beach that was decorated very neatly for their special day. Anne and Sam were later on the first two females to have a baby without the need of penis penetration. Anne and Sam later moved further up the coast and stopped at a valley pretty near Solnichniy. They saw a house for sale sign, and decided to knock. The house was a green two story house. After many ifs and buts they decided to purchase it. This is where Randall grew up. Randall Randall Randalson was born in a small hospital on the north-east coast. He lived with his parents Anne and Sam. Randall was not just any regular child. He had two mothers and has never really had a father figure in his life except from a few older friends he had back in high school. Although they weren't much of a father figure due to all the weed they passed around. As a child Randall liked to build, and demolish. Their basement was a complete wreck before Randall discovered a new love for decorating and building. He played around "fortifying" the walls with materials that would most definitely break if someone wanted to get in. This didn't stop him though. His parents noticed his love for construction and bought him several books on architecture aswell as construction. Randall was not really much for hanging out with the other kids. They were always bullying him for having 2 moms. This didn't bother him, he was always busy experimenting with all the tools and building materials he had in his basement. Time goes on. Randall is now in his late teens and is STILL building inside his basement. This time hes doing it high. He has discovered a new love for marijuana. This didn't bother his parents as it made him happy and more productive. The basement walls are now expanded aswell as fortified with thick concrete walls. Randall's favorite part about his basement is the white fuzzy rug he bought second hand. He likes to lay down on it when he needs to think. Randall R. Randalson is a great man in his early 30s. He has been through a lot since all of this begun. The downward spiral all began when he lost his infant baby and wife during child labour due to a poorly done C-section. He started drinking beer every other day at the local pub, losing motivation for work, his aesthetics and even life in general. It was when he decided to get his life back together and prove to his wife and kid up there in heaven that he knows that they're watching over him that the first sign of the outbreak happened. It all started with a short clip on the National TV News showing mass chaos with people attacking people aswell as people screaming in panic in the background. He didn't think much of it at first: "Meh just some psychotic idiots going on a rampage." Then it happened. He heard multiple people screaming outside his bathroom window whilst taking a f#!"*ing huge smelly shit in the toilet. His heart jumps and it stands him up. He doesn't bother to even wipe his ass before rushing to the bathroom window located just to the right of the shower curtains. What he sees absolutely freaks him, as he forgot to wipe his ass even the tiniest amount. He sees two people sitting on top of another person wearing a reflective vest and a hardhat. They're not just sitting there. Theres blood, they're moving as if they were eating him. He walks out the bathroom door as he forgets to wash his hands and runs over to the garage as it has a more diagonal view over whats happening. He sees the two people walking away from the obviously dead body laying in the middle of the street. He looks at the body and spots the intestines hanging out, multiple bite and scratch marks along the neck and torso and heaps amount of blood. Randall has watched a lot of The Walking Dead and has a great hunch of what this might be. He quickly shuts the blinds and runs over to the TV and flicks to Channel 4 News only to see mayhem breaking out. They're warning everybody to stay in their houses and stay safe. Randall swiftly runs down into the bunker he built in his basement. You could say he was prepared for a day like this to come along, he just didn't think it'd be so soon, or he would have brought some more things to do whilst being locked in a not so small bunker. Maybe a deck of cards would have been nice, maybe even Chess. Everyone in town knew the love Randall had for a game of chess once in a while. It's been two years now since the outbreak. Majority of the time was spent inside the bunker but he had a few runs to some shops that are located nearby whenever he needed something. Maybe he should've grabbed some razorblades and scissors considering he has a full grown beard that look like dreadlocks due to all the time he spent being non-hygienic. He's been good on water up until now too, so maybe even some shampoo wouldn't have been such a bad idea. He has now started to run out of supplies. His beloved Canned Bacons were running low, and the rest of the food wasn't enough to last him another year. He accidentally broke and spilled one of the water tanks he had in the basement, and it was now flooding in water. He had to keep moving, so he grabbed what he could, and what he needed to hit the road. He left some stuff incase he ever needed to come back. Randall R. Randalson stays on the road in hopes of finding civilization, being aware of the possibility of stumbling across hostile living people. After nearly giving up on searching he finally has some luck and sees what looks to be a safe sanctuary, with walls and watchtowers spread evenly across the compound. He knocks on the front gate and they open. He walks in only to be greeted by a lady named Amanda. She was a nice looking lady probably in her early 50s, maybe late 40s. I'm sure the stress definitely made it harder for him to tell. She has a nice smile and a warm personality. Amanda brings Randall to the kitchen and feeds him a nice meal. It was the finest entrecote and rice he has had in a while. Amanda brings Randall to the sleeping area of the compound as he is exhausted from being on the run for over a year now. Randall has a looooong nights sleep and wakes up fresh and energetic. He introduces himself to more and more survivors that live in the sanctuary, only to feel more and more welcome. He begins asking questions; How long has this been place here? Has it ever been attacked? aswell as other similar questions. Randall wants, and needs to know this information to determine if this is a safe place to stay. It's now been 6 months. A lot has happened in these months, a lot of bonds have been made and a lot of enemies have also been made. The biggest worry he has now is another group that appears to be lacking empathy. They have took people, aswell as stuff from us, and are making even more threats to keep doing it unless they do as they say. Randall wants to take no part in being a slave for the rest of his life and decides to strike back! Right as he has prepared to hit the road and look for their compound they attack. Randall sneaks out the back and sets up on a hill just north of the compound. He finds a man lying down in the grass behind a rock where wanted to set up with a 7.62x54mm rifle. He spots a hunting or sniper rifle and decides to flank him. He comes up behind him with a knife in one hand and a suppressed pistol in the other. He didn't have to waste the bullet so to speak. He takes over the rock position and looks down into the compound with his rifle. He starts taking off shots at people he doesn't recognize only to see them push further and further into the compound, until they couldn't push any further. The compound was overrun by them and he decides to retreat. The architect aswell as the builders at the sanctuary he lived in before taught him a lot. He now knows how to build walls that won't budge, and will most definitely last as long as he has the right materials. He makes his way up north-east and stumbles across a few other survivors that look to be friendly. They have a little baby.
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