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  1. This is the story of Tim Leppins, this story takes us all the way to Chernarus, where Tim sits by a fire, he blankly stares into the red-hot coals as the flames dance off his pupils, even such flames could not bring life to this man's eyes. He sits there motionless seeming unaffected by the cold despite little clothing, his hands devoid of warmth, the pale glow of the frost creeping over them almost as if to punish him for a lifetime of vile actions. A delightful smell reaches Tims nose as he breathes in vehemently and looks to the pan over the fire to see an oddly shaped piece of meat searing nicely. All the sudden Tim lights up like a light bulb and begins to sing in what can only be described as a deranged tune, “Let's make a steak, Let's make a steak, mmmm yummy yummy steak.” Tim continued to hum as he flipped over the meat in the pan hardly able to contain his giddiness. “My treat is almost done ohhhh, I'm so EXCITED”, Tim exclaimed. The brushes near the campfire began to rustle as low grumbles could be heard from the dark, the sounds coming from beyond the grasp of the flame were beginning to become visible behind Tim, nearly ten feet back. Tim smiled sinfully from ear to ear, the light that once was devoid of his eye was overflowing with a sinister dark light not seen in some time. The figure behind the fire came closer to Tim and stopped nearly five feet away as he began to speak. “Hi my names Derek, don’t mean to sneak up on you, but I haven't seen another person in months, when I saw the campfire I came as fast as I could”, He gasped for air all the while, heaving as if he had run a marathon, the man was clearly southern by accent and somewhat overweight. Tim jumped as if to act as if he was taken by surprise. “Oh my” Tim Exclaimed as he turned to greet his guest. “Sorry sir, didn’t mean to startle you” He panted. “Quite alright Derek, you look tired my friend take a seat, I was just making some steak, plenty to go around!” Tim smiled and gestured to take a seat near the fire as he grabbed two bowls for the steaks. “I'm afraid I don’t have plates to eat from, I hope bowls will suffice?” Tim asked. “Oh of course, thank you so much, I didn’t ever get your name sir”, as Derek began to look at him strangely as if trying to recall something. “Names Tim my friend”, as He handed Derek his Steak. They both began to eat the steaks, although Tim seemed to be in ecstasy over his, his eyes nearly glazing over while he chewed every bite. “Tim are you ok?” Derek asked somewhat concerned. Tim seemed to snap back. “Oh yes, I'm sorry, it's just been so long since I've had a steak” He laughed. This put Derek to ease as he and Tim began to joke and tell stories around the fire while enjoying their meal. Tim looked to Derek as his mouth began to water. “Hey Derek, what do you say you stay the night in my cabin, it's not safe out here at night, wouldn’t want a zed to get you while you were walking back my friend, besides I have a great Mckinnon that needs drinking, don’t think I can do it by myself”, Tim gestured towards the dirt path that led to his cabin a mere hundred feet away. “ Haha As long as I'm not imposing that drink sounds great!”. “Then it’s settled I will go fetch us a couple of glasses!” Tim smiled. “I just gotta take a leak out here then I will be right in”. Tim went back and grabbed a strange powder and a bottle of McKinnon, he then poured the powder and McKinnon into one glass and poured himself a glass of McKinnon as well. Tim noticed Derek was taking some time so he went with the drinks to go check on him. “DEREK! You out here buddy?” All the sudden Tim saw him in the trees frozen still, Tims heart started racing, but not with fear but excitement, he knew why he was frozen there. He walked up behind Derek smiling nonchalantly. “Man, too bad, I was really enjoying our time together Derek” as Derek slowly turned around with a look of pure horror and disgust covered in his own vomit, shaking as if he had done an abhorrent deed, eyes wide with tears streaming down his face. Derek tried speaking but only made weak guttural noises, a corpse at his feet with steak sized portions carved from what appeared to be a man's body not long dead. “What's wrong Derek?” Tim smiled carnally as he licked his lips, his whole expression changing in the blink of an eye, the sinister light returned to his eyes once again as he laughed manically. “WAIT!” Derek gasped as he suddenly had a look of realization come over him. “YOU’RE HIM, YOU’RE THAT FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!” He screamed as a look of pure terror came over him as he started backing away. “IM FAMOUS NOW AM I!” Laughed Tim as he seemed quite pleased with being recognized. “WHO AM I THEN! TELL ME!” Tim screamed with a smile. Derek still crying while backing away tripping over the corpse as he tries to flee falling backwards as he starts crawling till he is cornered against a tree with Tim standing over him with a face that can only be described as demonic. “TELL ME WHO AM I!” as Tim drools over Derek “YOU’RE THE GHOUL! YOU’RE THE FUCKING GHOUL!” Derek cries frantically, body shaking with fear. “AND WHAT DO I DO DEREK, TELL ME DEREK, TELL ME!” Tim screams as pure ecstasy shoots over his face. “YOU KILL AND EAT PEOPLE!” Derek Cries as Tim leans close next to his ear and whispers “don’t forget about torture one twenty-seven" as he softly caresses Derek's face while he lay there frozen with fear. A guttural scream could be heard from that forest, one that echoed pain and agony unlike any other, Tim wasn’t always this man, he was once a loving father and husband, but that story is for another day.
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