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  1. James "aka Jimmy" Law is a United States born USAF Special Operations Veteran. During the initial outbreak in Chernarus, he got in touch with some old contacts within the NATO organization he had met during his years in the US military. His experience, skills, and willingness to be of service to humanity was welcomed by the NATO organization. He was found to have the rare natural immunity to the virus, and was brought in as a contractor to protect American and European scientists implanted with NATO forces during the first days of the infection. He now clings to his thinly stretched code of conduct he has always lived by, in hopes that he can someday be a part of humanity future restoration, should it ever come. He is at heart a good man, but the years of loss and survival have taken a toll on him. He is wary of strangers, but willing to cautiously give others a chance to prove themselves allies when a situation presents itself. Once you have earned his trust he is fiercely protective of those he holds close and valuable. He doesn't hold much respect or compassion for the wolves of the world and is willing to defend the helpless when need be. He is a believer in the sheepdog concept of life. There are sheep, there are wolves, and there are the sheepdogs. Jimmy Law... Is a sheepdog.
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