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  1. William always wanted to be a detective just like his father. Growing up he always saw him as the hero brining in the "bad guys" to keep everyone else safe, at least that is how his dad explained it. Whenever he was day dreaming in class he imagined he was on a case piecing together imagined evidenced to finally convict the villain of his imagined stories. William knew it wasn't going to be easy nothing worth doing ever is. He remembered the first time his dad told him that. Will had come home from school distraught as he was rejected form the school track team for not being fit enough. Will and his dad set out by creating a strict training routine their efforts bought success the following year. Unfortunately this victory was bitter sweet as Wills father was killed a week later during a bank robbery. Will set out at achieving his dream by joining the police academy at the age of 18 he wanted to make his dad proud. At age 21 Will made constable he gained field experience and learned from his colleagues and more importantly his Senior colleagues. William Distinguished himself through the use of his acceptation analytical abilities combined with a dedicated work ethic. He always did follow up investigations if time permitted, offered to assist detectives if there was anything he could do to help in their investigations while he was on patrol. Will always put in a detailed report even when tedious, he also filled in for Instructors at the academy if needed. After being on patrols and other duties he was finally promoted to Detective at age 28 Will wished his dad could've seen him. Will started out working on robberies petty crimes slowly working his way up. Eventually at age 33 he was assigned to a unit his career started out promising as he was assigned to the homicide squad where he was partnered up with Daniel Brown, in a short amount of time the two became like peas in a pod they worked well together as they ended up solving 3 cases together over their careers. The Fourth case would mean the end of detective William Wolf. Will and Dan were investigating how a missing person, a young girl of 18 was found in an American Senator Edward Turnbulls pool, officially it was stated to be an accidental drowning. It ended up with William exposing Senator Edward as covering up his affairs with younger women. Edward didn't want it ruining his political career. William was forced to run just before he leaked the information. Edward had friends who didn't want things getting out. In a case of mistaken identity they planted a car bomb on Williams car who he lent to Daniel as Browns car was in the shop. It exploded killing Daniel as he went to pick up William for coffee before work. William fled a broken man, his friend was gone the thought of it burned a hole through his heart one he knew would never leave. The thought of all his time wasted in the pursuit of justice as none was done for Daniel or that poor girl. Will Fled to as a remote location as he could the black mountains in northern Chenarus living off the Grid for a time contemplating his own purpose and what to do as he had lost everything. He thought of getting revenge. To do that he needed time and resources. Will ventured south into the town of Severograde here he started doing jobs such as cutting wood, assisting as a farm hand slowly savings money and resources. Eventually Will improved his understanding of Chenarussian he travelled further south to Chernogorsk where he got an apartment and started taking jobs as a private investigator. The thought of eventually returning home fuelled him on until the 12th of July when mass terror consumed the south. William had heard on the radio reports of mass hysteria and riots breaking out he was unprepared for what came next. He joined other refugees trying to flee the panic and chaos as luck would have it he didn't follow them all the way he broke off into the woods as more people were stopped at checkpoints. Will found an old abandoned house near the town of Zeleogrosk desperate people were camped in the woods near the town. Screams that sounded like howls followed by explosions followed as Will instinctively threw himself into the houses cellar, the sounds of the injured and dying filled the night until a deafening silence took hold. William knew that the horror that greeted him would stay burned into his eyes forever. The whole forest was a burnt mess, trees appearing as black spires erupted from the ground, some areas had no trees. The smell hit hard then Will saw the charred blackened remain of the refugee, families, mother shielding their daughters fathers their sons. Will left that place and never looked back only to be greeted by the blood curdling howls of a new terror what those bombs failed to kill. It's been 800 days roughly by his count he knows his counting system is off a few weeks his roughly 44-45 as of almost 2 years into the outbreak. He has weathered thick and thin, the memories of all he has seen still haunt him , deep down he wishes to replace it with bringing something other than death to the land. He knows in his heart he still is that detective wanting to bring justice to the land ultimately civilizing this now uncivil wasteland.
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