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  1. Tom Coffman

    Group Implemented base too OP

  2. Tom Coffman

    Group Implemented base too OP

  3. Tom Coffman

    Group Implemented base too OP

  4. Tom Coffman


    I agree with this as the open spaces on the wood storage that are just left empty at this point should be able to hold planks in stacks of 20 and also tool like saws pliars ect but not random gear just items that are in the building category.
  5. Mathew Shaw was a former marine who was sent there to avoid arceny charges back in the US. he then later in life continued his criminal background while also working for his brothers construction company. His Brother Ryan and him were on a "business" trip helping move old soviet weapons back to the US to be sold on the black market. During their negotiations they ran into some trouble with the local law as tentons were high with the chero and Russia civil war. Half of their shipment had been seized by the local government and that was going to stick a bi profit loss for the brothers at they were selling about 75% to the IRA. Without this shipment they wouldn't be able to leave as the IRA would be on their tails. In the heat of the moment these "Things" came out from the labs in Cherno and they have been there on the Island trying to find a way out and their shipment in hopes the rest of the world have not seen these effects.
  6. Tom Rivers Tom Rivers worked for the CIA as an electronics technician in Chernogorsk. His worked consisted of running new fiber optics and Cat 6 cables and re programming the servers so they could do seemingly undetected as he was part of the group they called the "Rickshaws". Toms call sign was "Gigabit". He was the lead tech for the security team in his days before the CIA tom worked for the US Marine Corps Recon team as a radio and ordinance Tech. Tom was so good at his job apon leaving the corps he had been contracted as a government official and worked odd jos for them not knowing what he was doing have the time till he was assigned to the Rickshaws which were the top dogs. The CIA was there doing a random intelligence check when they found out that the Chernarus government had been working with a unknown Scientist to make the next "Nuke". but it wast just a bomb it was something that would wipe out all man kind and the CIA had been ordered to stop it as the US and allies were worried any number of the wrong people would get their hands on it. So for months Tom had been stationed there unable to have contact with his loved ones. Tom grew worried as the people of Chernarus had been flooding into the hospitals and the doctors had no idea what is was and while the CIA couldn't find it out either the worst for the worst happened patient Zero had made contact and low and behold the country was over run Toms team eventually got sick and for some reason he didn't and he hated himself for it with no way to leave and no way to avoid it Tom set out to survive and eventually find the right people to get him out of there. Its been 852 days since the outbreak and Tom had been slowly loosing hope that it hadn't spread to the US yet.
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