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  1. Mathew MaWhinney was born in the early 80's in Massachusetts, growing up he was abused by his father who was an alcoholic and always beat his mother, seeing this as a young child Mathew grew up with a very twisted some would day mind. After watching his father for years beat his mother, Mathew joined the United States Marine Corps. Through his career he was noted for his exelece on the shooting range, later he would be shipped off to sniper school in the late 90's to become one of the worlds finest. Mathew was then later sent off into the Iraq war in 2003 following the attaks on the twin towers in NY. Mathew by his first deployment had 43 confirmed kills in just 8 months. Following a few more years into the war Mathew would be picked up by the devgru unit to aid in the raids of Ramadi IRAQ, he would later leave there with 87 confirmed kills, with these numbers Mathew had been noticed by a few praying eyes for his exalance. The CIA would send him an offer he couldnt refuse and later went on mre and more and more combat deployments some that would just turn people stomochs. After retiring in early 2015 Mathew had gone through so much. So in return he was later declared clinically insane and to no longer be trusted by the US government of anyone else for that matter without having a way to find a job as the CIA had whipped almost all of his existence off the face off the earth. Mathew would then turn to what he knew best, KILLING. Mathew had been the lead hitman for most of the time after leaving the military killing anyone for the right price tag. His last known whereabouts was in chernarus on the hunt for a Dr.Astir.
  2. I agree with this as the open spaces on the wood storage that are just left empty at this point should be able to hold planks in stacks of 20 and also tool like saws pliars ect but not random gear just items that are in the building category.
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