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  1. Kaid Rokh A tall man, at 6'2, weighing in at 95Kg, messy brown hair and brown eyes, a mean looking demeanour, rough and tough Kaid Rokh is not easy to get on with, an ex military man, Joining up into the UK armed forces at the age of 18, excelling in his career there, first as part of the Royal engineers, but eventually that stopped being enough for him, he chose to transfer to the royal marines at the age of 20, despite his physical and mental abilities, he was unable to pass the training required to join the Marines, from there, het set out on his goal, he started to study more of his field, learning both mechanical and electrical systems, learning to strip his weapon and put it back together quicker, through 2 years of rough training, he set out again once more to apply for the Marines, This time, passing with flying colours, proud of himself, he set out to be the best in his unit, still continuing his training, focused on the life of a marine. Despite being dedicated to the military, he never got on well with his superiors in the royal engineers, leaving him to be stuck as a private, even when transferring to the marines, he struggled to find any leverage to become a sergeant, despite his determination to one day lead his own squad, to have men who relied on him. When the infection first started, he was Posted in chernarus with his team, as part of an escort and recon team for UK aid workers, when the infection arrived, he had no idea what was happening, figuring it had been rioting, unwilling to shoot 'civilians' when they where baring down on his unit, tearing them to shreds, he ran, leaving his equipment behind as he tried to escape the fighting, he made his way to the coast, seeking evac from the foreign land, unfortunately for him, he was now trapped, no weapons, no equipment or rations, in a foreign land covered with infection. And so, he put his survival skills to the test, and set out to find a way to survive, searching for other military survivors or anyone, who wasn't turned, setting out to form a resistance against this new infection, and to protect civilians.
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