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  1. Kyle Katarn was a small town boy living in a lonely world. From the United States of America (Boston, MA). No family, no lover, no one to hold his hand. He is 6ft (really 5'11'' but cmon) and one handsome devil. Even before the outbreak, Kyle was lost in the world and didn't really know where his path was meant to take him. Born in poverty, his lack of stability and anti-authority nature led him down a path of crime and self-loathing eventually leading to him running with nasty individuals. He acted as a hired gun, would do whatever these sleazebags told him to do as long as he got paid, until inevitably it all went to shit. Kyle Katarn was hired to pop a politician running for mayor in Boston, set on coming down on crime, which Kyle's employers were not in favor of. So one night while the politician lay asleep in his home, he crept in and shot him and his wife dead. As he began to flee the scene Kyle heard an odd noise, muffled from under the bed sheets. Confused and curious Kyle investigated to find a baby monitor and the sound of a baby crying loudly, freezing him in his tracks. Katarn didn't know of a child, he was tasked with doing the job and didn't ask questions. He didn't pay attention to politics, he didn't know this man had a child who he had now just orphaned. Nothing had ever made him feel like such a monster. Right then and there Kyle knew he needed to change, something had to change. He didn't want this life anymore, but he knew, the life he lived was one you couldn't just walk away from. Knowing he would be killed for trying to get out he knew he had to flee the country and he wasn't ready to leave this child alone and an orphan by his own misdeeds. So Kyle fled the country using his connections in the criminal world, to a small Slavic country called Chernarous where no one would ever find him. There, he and his newly adopted son started a new life away from the sins of his past. However, there is no true escape from one's past. It always catches up to you. Only within a few years of his new start in Chernarous, the outbreak fell upon our world. By some reason Kyle will never understand, he seemed to have been immune to the 21st century plague. As for his adopted son however, he was not, and turned on Kyle forcing him to kill the poor boy. Some time has passed and this is where Kyle Katarn's story picks up on the DayZRP server. Not only trying to survive but trying to find a reason to.
  2. Omg ok I found it, I totally wasn't looking for something like that lol thank you fellas much appreciated
  3. I cannot find this "passphrase" for the life of me in the rule page and I have read through it several times. Am I missing something? Am I dumb? Why are we still here just to suffer?? WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN MASON!
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