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  1. George Wolbert, hunter and woodsman selected for special forces. He was a loner and a huntsman. He never really liked talking with others or really going into towns. Perhaps the perfect addition to the Team. Born in 1987 in Pine Dale Wyoming, U.S.A, George was an only child born into a loving family roughly in the middle of nowhere. He never had many friends except for the trees and the mountains he was raised around. George was taught to hunt and scavenger at an early age by his father. His father always encouraged him to push deeper into the woods, and never to come back until he had something worthwhile to bring home. This constant pushing and pressure to be a better hunter and a better scavenger by his father led George to leave home at the age of 20 and wonder the mountains. George would prove to his father that he was a real man and he could do anything just as good or better than his father. But the wondering didn't lead to the salvation and knowledge that he was looking for. George would wander the wilderness for many years looking for anything that would lead him home. The training he received from his father was the only thing that kept him from starving or losing toes or fingers from frostbite. George never did find his way back home. He ended up wandering through Wyoming then South Dakota and North Dakota. Threw the years he kept wondering threw Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. After the Years George had given up on finding his home and decided to abandon his father's memory and move on to anything else. 10 Years Later, After his wondering, George stumbled on a U.S Military AirForce(Kingsley Field) based in Oregon. Geroge was brought up to speed on what was going on all over the world but especially what is happening on U.S soil. He was then confronted by a man names Jackson Rhodes who gave him the opportunity to go with him to start a team across the sea to benefit himself, help his country, and get away from everything he's been dealing with. George took this opportunity, being sick of everything he has dealt with in his past. Where is George going? What is this team all about? And what is this team even about?
  2. I see a lot of people talking about how the announcement of the lore wipe is killing the server because of huge drop in server pop. Even though that is 100% true that the servers are dead I don't believe for an instant that this server is dying or is going to die. Now hear me out, I've been playing on this server every night for a good chunk of months now and was thoroughly enjoying it all. It was only after this announcement and taking a break for a while that I realized that I needed it. Just about everyone I was rolling with is also taking a break, because to be honest there really isn't a reason to keep going. We were running a charity. Its really hard to keep that RP roiling when no one is around to help. Besides all that! This is a good break for all of us. Me and a good group of boys have been spending this time playing other games, getting refreshed, and preparing for the end of the month. To say we are pumped for this lore wipe would be an understatement! We are so excited for this new lore and to create new and fresh experiences with others and each other. I may be totally off with all this but I think a lot of other people feel the same. I would be so surprised if come this server wipe the servers aren't totally crammed 24/7. I'm excited to see you all very soon! Enjoy your break.
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  6. :POV I was in the base when @ImMason initiated on everyone inside of the compound. I moved to the hesko behind the police building at the front gate. I waited there for a very long time until we decided to push on the enemy that we knew had boosted into our base and was spotted by @Gaard. Anyways we moved up to the two tents we had set up where we saw them last. We took out one guy at the tents and I waited there looking for anyone else. I was at about the same spot looking around when I was gunned down soon after. That was the end of my involvement in that battle.
  7. This all was resolved in Discord. I request to close this report.
  8. Server and location: S1 Livonia, South East of the Prison Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5:45 Your in game name: George Wolbert Names of allies involved: @chief_mello Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): A friendly Sarka: @chief_mellomy team mate was driving the vehicle at the time. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: We were leaving a confrontation at the Jail where there was a gunfight but the fighting was all over when we decided to take off. We said our goodbyes and @chief_mello and I went off into the woods to get our Vehicle. The car was half a click from the prison and was out of the forest area. The Sarka was in clear site from almost every direction. We got in thinking nothing; but before we could even get moving two Individuals who couldn't be identified started opining fire on us. No words were exchanged only gun fire from their end. @chief_mello and I took off to get away and I was shot in the head after a few seconds of their engagement. @chief_mello was able to get away but not without suffering a few shots himself.
  9. I have been stuck in a player made structure all day. I logged out in a building last night thinking I was far enough away; I was very wrong! I've been trying to get help on Discord but that's not working. The people who put me here on accident couldn't help out me out because they couldn't get to me. I'm very stuck and don't know what to do...help plz
  10. I don't understand whats going on. I downloaded all the mods that were recommended to download(to my knowledge) but for some reason I cant launch the game anymore? I would love any help you could give me.
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