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  1. Jimothy was born in Australia and moved to the UK, where he signed up as a volunteer doctor for the UN. He regrets this decision as it was that decision that stranded him in Chernarus after the outbreak. Jimothy, who goes by Jim, was deployed during the second week of the outbreak as part of the UN relief effort which brought around 300 doctors to the country. After the society collapsed, Jimothy was unable to return home due to severe rioting and the lack of cell coverage meant he had no way to communicate with his family back home in the UK. As the virus spread he assumed that his family are either dead or infected, and now does his best to survive in the cruel world and not get infected. He believes that he was abandoned by the UN and no longer considers himself to be a doctor and only uses his skills on very rare occasions. He is quite afraid of the infected as he saw the effects that the virus had on people first hand while he was treating them and also saw some of his colleagues and friends get infected due to contact with the infected whilst on the job. This makes him cautious when meeting new people as he does not trust them as desperation can change people in ways he had not seen before the outbreak.
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    Hey everyone. I'm kinda new to rp on DayZ and I hope to see you all in Chenarus.
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