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  1. PopPop

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    Cartel boys take on livonia
  2. Thanks to @MasonWB and @Johnny Navid for the execution roleplay it was really cool to see my psycho character go out for the sake of RP rather than a fire fight
  3. PopPop

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    The Chicken Man execution, Bloom was troubled keeping his Cannibalism a secret from his friends, but one day knew he would answer for his sins he was thrown from the top of a building accepting of his fate
  4. Even just spawning anywhere but the woods would be nice, there’s been times where I spawn on wolves multiple times in a row .
  5. I'm the one in the red poncho I did not do much talking i just watched him with the gun until we left as it was not my revenge I did not have much to add to the situation. I did not see if there was food and stuff left on the ground I heard it was said that food would be left, I did notice a backpack being left behind as well. As for the beginning we were keeping an eye out for the chernarussians that had robbed @Not Pepsi
  6. I don't have a POV but, chernarussians robbed @Not Pepsi so we were keeping an eye out for them. Personally I feel like blaming bad RP could go both ways since it did not feel like @Isaiah Rinkasonn valued his life at all during the incident.
  7. Im new to RP on dayZ but from what ive gotten into so far has been really fun hope to see yall in game
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